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I enjoyed reading this entry. It was interesting to hear about your Saturday night rituals in rural Kansas, and then bringing it up to present day preparations. Your writing kept me wanting to read on.
This was good, with a great message too. I think the beginning may have been my favorite. Loved the comparison to Issac. lol
Ringlets boy, do I remember them. Loved the journey back, and am so glad that the journey forward turned out to be a positve one. Good work.
This was such a cozy read. Loved the tone, and loved the message. Good work.
I loved traveling down memory lane with you in this charming story.
I smiled all the way through this nostalgic piece! Thank you so much!

I think this charming piece deserves a better title, however. The story is really quite wonderful!
Oh, I just loved all the references/comparisons to the Bible stories. Those of us who grew up attending Sunday School really appreciate this story. The story grew on me as I read and I enjoyed hunting for the next Bible comparison. Great job.
This was masterfully devoloped.
I remember so many of your Saturday night preparations! I loved your "missionaries in the corn field" (that's priceless!). Great writing!
I ADORE all the Biblical references throughout this - VERY clever! Great voice, too. Enjoyed this read very much.
One of the most important elements to S.S. is digging deeper into the Word. I love the way you show this!!!!