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This absolutely tore my heart out. Your descriptions are beautiful and poignant. I love everything about this.
Deep, haunting, intriguing, sad. Your story is all of these things. You left me with a desire to know much more about Lilly and Geraldo.
This is SO thought provoking,and so beautifully written. I'm not sure I "got" it all. I have lots of questions. Very well done, though.
Wow! Don't know what to write about this piece. I'm speechless. Great writing, I can say that!
This is powerful and sad, almost as melancholy as what I think Geraldo's concerto would sound like. Expert word weaving here. Beautiful descriptions.

I especially liked what Geraldo said: "God can make the most beautiful music out of anything. Sometimes, though, He chooses to compose our concertos one note at a time. If we are patient and give Him enough time, He will finish a masterpiece." Now that's a powerful message.
This is so beautiful, I read it twice...a very moving story.
Wow. I had to read this several times. I didn't want to miss any of the details. Excellent writing. Bravo. You are a master and really make the reader want to stop,ponder, and think. (I actually thought this might be your story before the hints. I was holding a baby while I read it the first time and couldn't type a commet.) Excellent!!
There's not much I can add to previous comments but ... wow! This is so amazing and so touching. God bless you for sharing this touching story.
This beautifully written story brought tears to my eyes. Awesome.
I can't stand it ... I'm going to cry all day! Thank you for this beautifully written story. I have a heart for people who are mentally ill, so this really touched me.
You have revealed mastery of writing here--wonderful characterization and atmosphere and pathos, all combined
I'll say it again--we need a symbol for stories which require a box of kleenex! Great writing, truly blessed.
You have a wonderful way of setting a mood and delivering a masterful punch. This is just tremendously written - the way you gave voice to not just the characters but more importantly to their very souls.
Oh, wow. This is a tear-jerker. It kind of leaves me speechless. Very good writing. And great take on the topic. Nice, nice job.
Beautiful, beautiful writing. You just keep getting better and better every week, Bill!
WOW! I am so glad I did not miss this, what a truly beautifully crafted piece. I felt as if I were a shadow in the room, listening and watching to something very special. ^_^ Awesome writing!