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Hilarious! I've always had problems with that Proverbs 31 woman myself. :)

This story is very well written and very entertaining. Great job with the topic.
I've known a few Imogenes. This is cute and well written. Kudos.
Oh, my goodness, I am in stitches!!!! I remember telling someone a little while back that the only thing my husband and children were going to rise up and call me was "Blubbering"!

I REALLY enjoyed this story.
There it is. I've been missing this. Excellent job. Enjoyed it, needed it and greatly appreciate it and it's writer. God bless.
Delightfully funny and well-written. I couldn't help but wonder if this was Imogene Herdman (Best Christmas Pageant Ever) all grown up!
Too, too funny! You could have used this one for the evangelism challenge, too. Maybe a sequel? Thank you so much for sharing this with us!
So funny! No,, so, so funny! Actually, I think the funniest part was the 10 dollars for coming to SUnday School. And I agree, a sequel some day would be awesome.
Details of class participation is so funny and love the paragraph description Imogene.
Imogene was delightful, but couldn't you have let the pastor get one good zinger in? I really enjoyed the read.
This was so funny. I've met my share of Imogene's, and even took at spell of being one myself years ago. This was great.
Oh my, oh my. Your descriptions were perfect:
"Huge wooden bead earrings pulled her lobes toward her shoulders while an equally chunky necklace encircled her throat. Looking around the semi-circle of adults, she spied me."

The $10 to come to Sundy School was a hoot. I want part two for your evangelism entry. The MC could pay $20 to listen to a a gospel presentation.
Like the name, a very creative piece. You captured the MC's embarassment here quiet clearly. ^_^
Oh, that poor pastor - and the poor woman. It's always nice when a sermon illustration of exactly what we SHOULDN'T do walks into Sunday School class, isn't it? This was a VERY fun read - enjoyed it very much, Sandra!