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I love the way this is put together. The formatting is unique and very clever. I'm not sure how strong on topic it is, but I really enjoyed this.
Creative and entertaining read. Nicely done.
Inspiring writing. I can't think of a word above masterful, so I will just say, anointingly gifted. I really enjoyed the read. God bless.
Brilliant, and cleverly constructed. Very touching, too.
Wow! This was wonderful. It really captivated me to the end. I love how you laid it out. What a sad ending, though.
A wonderfully written piece with such creative format!
I enjoyed the read.
What a tribute to a loved one! This is beautifully written and very engaging.
Oh Jan, this is soooooo precious! The structure is way beyond masterful. What an accomplishment!
Lovely - I can imagine the petals of the daisy falling away with every 'She loves me...', revealing more of her true self. I enjoyed watching her grow up.
I loved this mother's heart written so plainly for all to see.
Cool!! This is so creative and fun and touching! I had to keep reading just to see how you'd connect things together. Love the snapshots into their lives.
I love the format of this. Very clever. The ending is sad, but the story overall is precious.