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This is very cute. Your descriptions of the senior class participants makes me want to be a fly on the wall. It sounds like a lively Sunday school class. Nice, fun job with the topic.
This is a lot of fun. I'd love to visit the class myself.
The story is fun and the people are characters.
The memo style is a fresh way to tell the story.
I'm doing so much giggling tonight! How very funny! I love the memo style you used -- very clever. You hit one out of the ballpark, I do believe!
I hope I will be just like those seniors when I get to their age! this was so enjoyable to read. Great job!
This is a real jewel! The first letter from the Superintendent borders on rude. I thought the class was perhaps a disobedient group of fifth or sixth graders.

What an excellent response Mrs. Jacobs gave and what a twist to find that her class was composed of senior citizens. I laughed out loud several times. Excellent humor.
Absolutely delightful!
This is a delight. Love the contrast between the two memos and the descriptions are so vivid your reader can picture the characters.
Very funny - I laughed when I finally realised the age of the class being taught. This was unique too.
Excellent humor. I'm afraid I'm almost ready for that class!
What a fun read! I thought the rumbling sounds were going to be growling stomachs because mine always does that in Sunday school! I loved all the vivid images you evoked in each memo.
I really loved this one and want to go to this Sunday school class too! I also loved the humor in your story. It made your entry such a fun read! Well Done!
I'm still laughing. I love how you set us up for one thing and led us to another (though I WAS wondering why she was feeding coffee to kids!). Some of the best lines are in the second letter - I love the idea of punishing "the elderly" by taking away their bran cereal!
This piece is SO you, Betty! I WUV it!
What a fun read! Very creative piece.
ROFL (we need emoticons for the comments). I missed the title until the comment box popped up. How perfect! I, too, thought you were describing an elementary age class until the 2nd "memo". This is absolutely priceless. I used to lead an adult singles class. The Sunday School superintendent had to put us in the far corner in the basement because of the laughter. I can relate. What a gem! Such a gifted writer!
Hee hee, this was awesome! Great way to get into the Sunday School story! I loved it, Great job getting your point across! Keep up the great writing!
So fun!! I was wondering what on earth was going on in that classroom, and the 'response' was terrific! Your humor is terrific! Hugs!! :-)
I started cracking up when reading about dear "Harriett Miller", poor thing. :) And then her Blessed Assurance solo!! This was great and VERY entertaining! I loved it!
: ) : ) : ) thank-you for the delightful chuckle today. I could certainly use it. And, like a any good morsel of chocolate candy, it had a morsel of truth inside!
Congratulations on your much deserved EC. This is one of my favorites.
Congratulations on the EC, you richly deserve the honor.
This is hysterical! Congrats on your EC.