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Love it! I think I've known a few "Bubba's" in my day!
Great story.
Clever and fun - I enjoyed this one! What a scene.
Very cute. Good voice, and an enjoyable read.
Great story with a memorable character.
You really did show how God changes the lives of those who are saved. This is a great story.
What a great story teller you are!
An enjoyable read. It is amazing how God changes lives.
You did a great job of communicating this hilarious story! I won't easily forget this one!
Fun story!

The POV switch at the end threw me for a bit, and there was a tendency to "telling" toward the beginning. But once the pace picked up, it was a rollicking scene, and brought a big grin to me face.
Nice pace and energetic story telling. I've wittnessed a few Bubba's baptisms, especially at the Brownsville Revival in Pensacola. Great job. God bless.
I just finished reading your wonderful story and am having one of my "awwwwww" moments. I think your entry should have placed instead of mine! I need to take some time to read more of your work. You're on my favorite list now, and it will be great following the work of such an accomplished writer.
(Besides that, I adore your baby and I want to adopt her as my 4th grandchild!)
This is hilarious. I especially liked the line about sprinkling the choir. Very entertaining writing -- as always.