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God is amazing, isn't He? I love the process this poor Will went through - and the humor you worked into the piece. Great characterization, and I love the ending.
Loved the humor in this piece. A light take on a serious topic (water phobia).
Just the right touch of humour. The flashbacking was well done too. Good job.
This made me smile. It's a well written, fun read.
A very interesting and creative read--including your song at the end.
I lost it completely when the MC suggested using snow. And I love the 'Keep working on it' response.
I enjoyed this. It was very cute and creative. Good job.
Ok, this line made me laugh out loud:
Silence—then Bob said, “Will, I’m not baptizing you with a mist-maker.”

What a creative and entertaining story!
Loved the parallels of rescue in the well and the ultimate rescue with Jesus. Also enjoyed the humorous take on all kinds of baptisms for the water-impaired soul. Very enjoyable read--thanks for the journey.
Lovely from beginning to end.
Nicely written! This young man is putting off obedience because of fear. His fear of water could very easily be replaced by each of our fears that holds us back:) I shudder to think of all the excuses I use! Oh my!
Super submission. Wonderful writing. Energetically entertaining. Another masterful manuscript.
Clever and concise. I loved the bits about the steam room and snow bank. You're consistantly creative, Jan!
God bless.
I am almost 100% sure that he did not need to stay beneath the water long:
"I’ll stay underneath the water
‘Til my cleansing is assured."
Because from beginning to end of this wonderful story he showed his heart in his words for everyone to see; and it was a pure heart for the love and salvation only Christ could give. Your story evokes hope for us all no matter how we come to finally be saved.
Very creative story. I loved the rescue parrallel and the humor. Isn't it so true that when we think we need to "keep working on it" God is actually working on us.
This story is absolutely perfect! I would never change one iota. It is real and demonstrates how God does work in us to change us according to His will. Beautiful job telling this story!
I like the transparency of this character. Very nice.
Well done (hear me clapping?) I just love the humor in this story, I'm still laughing! Great writing.