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Bravo! Praise God when we realize that we each stand before Him, accountable as an individual riding shirttails to be with Him forever. Beautiful piece!
Nice! It makes me think about the kind of followers God would have if He didn't give us the choice - ones who serve Him out of obligation or duress, with no joy.
Thank you for giving me a little lesson in Jewish history:) Very interesting...
The theme was baptism, but this would work equally well as an evangelistic piece. Well done.
I learned some things, and got to read an enjoyable story, too. This is well written. Kudos.
Great piece. I liked the voice and tone throughout.
You did a great job with this. The Jewish Christians I have known have been a great blessing with their heritage and their hope.
Your title was great, and from there on to the end, I was enveloped in this story. So excellent!
This story caught me and didn't let go. Very well told. Excellent.
Wonderful--you succeeded in being infromative and entertaining at the same time. That's not an easy feat!

By the way, using "The" isn't a no-no...I just avoid it, if possible. Your title is great.
Entertaining, educational, exquisitly written and communicated. Very, very good. God bless.
I enjoyed the walk through the Jewish traditions. Loved the roommate's attitude showing from the beginning and the interest he took in the MC's heritage.
This held my attention all the way through. Written VERY well. Wouldn't change a thing! Great read, very enjoyable. Loved the mc and the love of Christ showing through the roommate. Wonderful writing!
This is neat. I like the bit of heritage in here, and especially Matt, what a neat character. I'm glad he was able to help with a great ending to this story. lolz. Great writing, Joanne! ^_^
Loved this. What can I say that others haven't already.
This is very educational, and not boring! That is quite a talent. Excellent writing, as always, and kept me interesting from the beginning, as always. Nice take on the topic.
This is not only like a peek into another religious culture, but also a very well told story. Congratulations on your win!
Congratulations on your EC. Another well-written and entertaining story. Great job.
Interesting & thought provoking story! Congrats on your EC!
Well done, my friend! I love this story. You brought this young man to life, and touched my heart. An excellent depiction of...dare I say? will. Congrats! :) Cat
I love the way your story illustrates how God prepares our hearts and minds for the day of our calling. Not one thing in Cameron's life was wasted, not a one in ours.