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I had a thought to write in this style, but you've done much better than I could. If I didn't know it, I would have sworn I was reading from Lewis. Nice job!
Excellent writing - definitely "Lewisesque" - much to ponder.
Message received. You could have just as easily written this about the second coming, election, worship styles, women in ministry or whether or not the "sacred desk" can be moved or not. Good voice well done.
Intriguing piece. Made me think about how the enemy drives wedges like this into the church.
What a brilliant article, I loved the humor, and also the warning about letting minor issues cause church splits. Unity comes first - minor doctrinal differences are really not important.
Amazing. Incredible. Brilliant.
Very good. I really enjoyed this and the reminder to not let our little differences separate us and keep us from the Lord's work. Great job!
So fun! I think C. S. Lewis would definitely approve--and what an awesome message.

There's one sentence--I think it was toward the end of the longish paragraph--that might be missing a word. It's the sentence on infant baptism. Just in case you want to send this on...and I hope you do! It's so pointed and thought-provoking.