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Wow, this is so, so good and rich in lessons to be learned.
Such depth here - and much to learn from it. Wonderful writing.
You turned a "pitiful feeling" MC into a woman refreshed and renewed by Chrsitian fellowship. She wrote herself out of her "horrid" guilt and emotions. A very clever and well written story using the topic and one of the great benefits of writing, release of one's feelings, in a most unigue way!
You captured the essence of grieve in the very first sentence. You can feel the MC's sorrow. Excellent!
This is defintely something writers can relate to, but it's more than that. I like your MC's healing and realization. Well done.
The hair colours really caught my attention! Lovely story with lots of depth.
Extremely rich and above well presented. The only thing, I didn't spot one spoonerism :).
Masterful again. God bless.
Jan, this is so totally different than some of your other writings. You didn't make me giggle once. What's up with that? :) This was so good. We were really able to get into the MC head. Thank you so much for sharing with us!
So remarkably creative! You never cease to amaze me. How do you spell masterfully versatile and spellbinding? I'd spell it 'J-A-N'!
I KNOW I read this, so where did my comment go?! Oh well. It's so good, I just wanted to keep right on reading. This is such a unique perspective on fellowship! I really enjoyed the interaction between the book character and the author. Wonderful.
So much story in 750 words, and done so well. Great story and great writing, as always. I had a feeling this was yours.
Oh my goodness....this is powerful.....I will have to read it over and over to catch all you are trying to say here.
And yet another favorite for me. ^_^ I really like this one, especially the ending. The MS is just so real, I almost thought it was me who would react like that and slash across a perfect story into something like that, but it's so much better. Love the bit with the chocolate mint ice cream too. ^_^
This is so good on so many levels - bravo on such a great story and lesson.
How many times have we read, for the first time, what we were really writing. What-a-story. Wonderful job.
Excellent! I really liked this one. It was creative and different in a uniquely good way. Very good.
What an original idea. This is wonderful. I enjoyed each word. Your writing captivated me and didn't let me go. Great job!
Wow, this was a powerful story. I love it! I'd love to read the book. ;-)
An entry like this is the reason I read your challenge article ahead of every one else's. You are truly in a class by yourself. I cannot tell you, without gushing, how much I admire not only your flawless work but its genius quality.
Congratulations on your EC, Jan -- again. :) This story is really good, and the writing is excellent, as always.
Wow!! You are truly a real writer with a powerful message to those who have experience true depression. I am so impressed with your way of expressing your thoughts. Your depth and maturity sounds truly earned. Surely, surely you will try to publish something if this is a sample of what you do all time. Please let me know if every you do actually publish something. I promise you that you will definitely have l buyer and devoted fan. You have a gift and God gave you that gift. Please share it!!
Awesome. I'm lost for words.
Jan -
This is INCREDIBLE! I can almost picture myself being the MC - a "closet attacker". That you for the beautiful picture of forgiveness. Thank you also for teaching me, from a distance, how to become a better writer. You didn't use the word fellowship, but you captured it perfectly. God bless!
I love your intricate sentence structures. I'm trying to examine your punctuation, so I can gain some confidence and stretch a little in my writing. It's easy to get comfortable, but I'm challenged to do better! I wonder how difficult it is to get every page in a book to read like this article.