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Stunningly real and heartwrenching. You choked me up, especially in the end. Masterfully done.
Point well taken.
Wow! Lots to think about with this one. Thank you for sharing.
Gripping and thought-provoking story! I will be pondering those spiritual landmines that interfere with Christian fellowship. This is a very creative approach to the topic.
Deep issues so lightly touched. I enjoyed your story and appreciate the messages.
Your ending packed a lot of punch. There is much to think about here. wow!
Your writing always amazes and convicts me. What a powerful story with a very real message. Thanks.
This is good, haunting-like. It leaves you with a feeling that makes you want to get up and go do something. Nice job. ^_^
Another awesome story. I loved that statement "Whose blood is that then? Whose blood was on Anzhela’s bandages?" and the revelation of the answer. Wow.
Bill, I seem to say this every week--but this one is surely one of your very best.
This is awesome and very powerful. I read it twice. I wanted to make sure I didn't miss anything. It makes you really think. Excellent. Thank you.
A haunting message in this story, and powerful images. The church, though, mainly yawns over the dilemmas presented here. (I remember how it yawned over the abortion question back in the '70's, too.) I have a church friend who wore a t-shirt to Sunday service that read: Jesus Died for Pedro, too. I overheard a lady ask him: "Who's Pedro?"
Very haunting account of what has been done to our world. This is a story that will remain with me. Writing doesn't get better than this.
Awesome entry! Thought provoking with haunting imagery. Truly God-inspired to convict us all. Blessings to you~
Well written, thought provoking and inspired analogy of life. This is beautifully done and flows with truth and convicting revelations.
You brought in many strands of truth and wove them into your story so masterfully. One of these had to be the passage in Hebrews about entertaining strangers.
Unique. Powerful. Thought provoking. All of this wrapped up in a good read. Well done.
Wow ! Beautiful !
This is awesome and tender and beautiful and sad--all at once. Accolades to wonderful writing.