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Oh Great! You did such a good job, now I'm craving a nice warm cookie (but don't have any). This was very sweet...a real "treat". :0)
I like the twist—the consideration shown by other members of the body for a ministry that might be easy to overlook. Good work.
I was right there in the kitchen with them - and I definitely wasn't expecting the lovely twist at the end. This is precious.
This was a cute little story about hard-working women. Great job!
I found myself wishing I was there in the kitchen with them, sharing in their joy and love for the Lord.
I loved your title and your unexpected ending. This was an extremely enjoyable read.
Great job showing how the fellowship within the group made the "work" easier and enjoyable. I like the twist at the end showing appreciation. (And I thought it was Lucy trying to surprise Maddie.) ;)
Great title! I saw the ending coming, but that didn't detract one bit from the rustic charm of this wonderful story.
I'm not a big fan of working in the kitchen, but what comes out of it, and from your computer, I love. Great job. God bless.
What a "sweet" time of fellowship, and a fun, clever story, too.
Love these ladies and their sweet spirit of giving. Your characters really came to life for me. I think I used to know ladies like this when I grew up in church; they were called the "Ladies Willing Worker Band". They would fit right into the setting you created here!
Excellent dialogue between the characters. You make your reader feel part of the group. Love this take on the topic!
I am a little embarrassed to admit that this made me teary-eyed. It's so sweet. I don't like to cook, but I wanted to be helping those sweet ladies. And I sure want one of their cookies. You nailed FELLOWSHIP! Great job.
Perfect and so believable. I can see/hear the women that volunteer with my wife being just like this!
Loved your story, it made me want to join the ladies in baking up some cookies! Most of all I loved the fellowship among the ladies. Makes me think of my two bible studies I attend at my church.
Now that's a warm fellowship. With your wonderful descriptive writing I can almost smell the cookies. Very nice.
This is so sweet! It's worth the sniffle and chuckle tucked in between the words. This is one of my favorites this week! I loved the dialouge and especially Mattie Mae. Great writing!^_^