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A must read for young teens! Nicely done.
This reminded me of my home church, a place where forgiveness is on the sign board, invisible to the naked eye, but very visible in the attitudes of the people. Good job.
This story makes me want to keep reading. I want to go with her to her parents and see how things work out! Good job.
This held my attention. Couldn't wait to see she what she woulod do. I wish there was more. Well done.
This was a tear-jerker. Hope you finish your story and share it with us sometime:)
Very apt for today's world. A nice write.
Though this is a story too common in our world today, you reminded us very well of the value of Christian fellowship for all ages.
I cried. I dislike conflict so much, so I had a tension inside the whole time. I'm incredibly thankful you chose to end this on an up note. You drew me in with each sentence.
Excellent example for a difficult situation. I was so glad the teen received sound advise.
Really good writing! I like your title, too--a great hook.
This is what happened to a friend of mine when I was Madi she approached her pastor first. Thank God for people who care. Encouraging story.
Great voice. Your writing is very impressive once again. Its always a treat reading what the Lord gives you to share.
God bless.
How wonderful to have a youth group to turn to in times like this. She obviously sensed the kind of supportive response she would get. This is a superb example of fellowship.
Well, I knew I missed a few in Masters and this is one. So good and so sad. But the ending you wrote gives this story real hope. You really should think of sharing this with a teen group. I agree with the others who want to know more about this character!
Great title and story. Loved what it teaches about true Christian fellowship, and hopefully healthy ones would respond to her this way. Thanks SO MUCH for writing this. Its a keeper and would make a good piece for the younger set. Dianne
I love how the verbs you use paint such an emotional picture. {I had to go back and reread to figure out why I got a knot in my stomach in the first few sentences.} Now I want to know what happens when she tells her parents...
Oooh! Great one for Teens here! I love Madi's destination-and how they all supported her, even after all that she went through. Excellent job! ^_^
Excellent writing, as always. I'm glad her youth group offered Christian fellowship. Great job.
This is so real. Growing up, my youth group was indeed my second (and sometimes my first) family.

Well done!
Nothing to add that hasn't already been said many times over. But still I must add my own. Well done, well done, and . . . well done. Good job.
This is good...very good. I am going to copy this and give it to our Youth Director.
This was a great and very
wise article, I have went
through some hard situations
with my Son, and Gran-Daughter,concerning these
same problems. Thanks for
the review of my Baptism
article and the good advice.