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What a powerful historical fiction story you have created. I can see the characters come alive as they demonstrate their love and dependence upon the Lord and upon each other. The suspense is just right.
Captivating story - I loved the "Jewishness" of this. (no surprise, considering my background) Your sense of place was just right, and the dialog is just great.
Perfection~ Loved it.
It's all be said alreadythis is great.
The only thing wrong with this story is that I want it to be book. This is so exciting! My head is just buzzing since I read it. Great job. Now... just go finish your novel so we can know more about your wonderful characters.
This was very good. I, too, was wanting more.
Good work. Leaves me wanting more.
great setting - loved it!
Riveting story with a beautiful and heart-warming ending. You've got a really good grasp of the language and culture of the time - especially the use of Hebrew names.
I like the challenge of looking at the context to find the meaning of words from another culture. But there are some that would say "that's confusing the reader." I disagree with them, but that's a criticism I received when I did the same on one of my articles. I guess we can't please everybody, and I don't think we should try.
Great story - it should place, I think.
Excellent and suspenseful story. I love the characters and the setting you've created in this entry. I wish it were a whole book, too!
The need for fellowship described to a perfect T.
Wonderful story telling and setting.
Good action, great message, this piece has it all. I felt as if I was there with them. In a word, wonderful.
And you didn't want to BRICK this, because why???????
This is top notch!!!!!
Anointed. The Lord's heart beats throughout. Do you type just two letters at a time in rhythm to his heart? Or does His heart beat faster the faster you type? Don't anti-brick again my fair maiden. You're a gift. God Bless.
Congratulations on placing. With your gift of writing and the way you use your talent for the Lord, you must surely place in His heart.
Congratulations on your 2nd place. This is a very compelling story -- and excellent writing, as always.
Awesome entry AND your title is beyond description. I LOVE IT! Congratulations!
I really love this Mid, it just enveloped me from the beginning and held me captive in that long ago century when persecution drew Christian brothers and sisters together in a bond of love. Wonderful, wonderful story!!!!