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What a contrast! You brought both (but especially the dark) to us so vividly. I was absolutely enraptured and fearful. Excellent.
Well done! All who think H'ween is an innocent "holiday" need to read this.
What really scares me is that prayer fellowship is getting to be a lost art. What happens when it becomes totally a thing of the past? Excellent story.
The evil deception awaiting everyone can be defeated under the guard of prayer. You made this into a striking story. I loved it.
Loved the last sentence... OH MY..... Thank God for praying mothers. Great story!
Ooh...very well told. You showed the contrast between light and darkness perfectly. I enjoyed reading this.
This was a very good story. Thank you for the reminder to pray as Halloween approaches.
Beautiful write. One should never underestimate the power of prayer. What a powerful weapon we have in prayer, especially when we cannot be with our children the whole time, whatever their age may be. Nice piece. Praise God.
This is a wonderful story of contrasts which speaks to the value of a praying mother, as well as Christian fellowship.
Prayer and great writing are two of my favorite things. Very enjoyable and encouraging. God bless.
Oh wow! Very good story. I love your descriptions of the night in the first paragraph; it gave a great sense of foreboding to the story. I like the ending very much and the presence of the guardian angels that are sensed though not seen. Very good and suspenseful with two unique perspectives that are expertly contrasted.
Wow...scary. Great writing. You sure know how to describe a scene to put the reader right there. Perfect title, too. As someone mentioned, great contrast between the two types of fellowship. Good, good job!
Yes, prayers are heard and you've shown how in a wonderful story. I, too, enjoyed your descriptive, mood setting writing.