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Wonderfully creative. Great job!
Man O' man! How'd you do that? Creative, wonderful and lovely to look at, too. I love the words and the sentiment described, but I was also fascinated by the form. I can barely get my entries lined up straight with this format; I can't imagine making pictures with it. I think you must be a genius with word and form.
Wow! What more can anyone say! WOW!
Just awesome. Did it take you longer to write this or format it? Regardless, it is a feast for the eyes, mind AND spirit.
I love this. I also write poetry and this built up so beautifully. Love the form!
How absolutely well done this is. Great job. The last two poem pictures are my favorites.
Creative and moving. Appealing to both eye and Spirit. Great job. God bless.
You must have had a lovely time putting this together! I feel your joy in the flow of the wonderful words and your genius in the form. Love the crown and the cross.
Oh my goodness, is this great or what? I don't know whether I'm more impressed with the format or the poem or both. I just know it's the neatest thing I've seen in ages. Tons and tons of kudos!
Truly amazing. You're a genius.
Oh, this is really neat! Excllent job, it is fantastic!
Very creative in many ways. Good job.
Oh, I love concrete poetry! What a delight! I can't hardly keep from reaching out and touching the screen as I take in these fascinating forms! Many congrats on the lovely product of your efforts in creating this! Beautiful!
A feast of images for the eyes and soul!

This is so powerful. What a blessing this week!
Congrats Sharlyn!! Your words are wonderful and the format is icing on the cake! Beautifully creative!
Wow - Looks like all your hard work paid off. This must have taken ages to perfect! What a wonderful message too. Well done!
Extremely impressive! Very creative and expressive...loved it!
Absolutely beautiful.
Wow! This is wonderfully creative. Congratulations!
This is really beautiful - in more ways than one. COngratulations.
Very, very creative. Congratulations on your 1st place.
I am in awe of this entry. A well-deserved win.
Wow! I especially love the ending and the crown!!
Congratulations on your BoB second place!
This was mind boggling amazing! Much congratulations for your Best of the Best placing!
Sharlyn, I've never forgotten this wonderful poem! Congratulations on the BOB win for this!
I failed to find adequate words to describe this gifting. I would say "WOW!" and be quiet.
Wow! Many congratulations on this wonderful creative piece and your well deseved BoB win!
Congratulations on your being selected a BOB for this wonderful poem.
Sharlyn -- Super congrats on your 2nd place Best of the Best with this amazing poem! I'm so pleased this deserving honor was given to you!
Sharlyn ... this blew me away. I never cease to enjoy reading it. There is a different blessing everytime and I KNOW it will continue to bless down through all years. Congratulations girl - most deserving in every way.
Sharlyn--Congratulations on your wonderful BoB placement! This wonderful poem is a true masterpiece, and I'm thrilled, thrilled, thrilled for you!
Congratulations, Sharlyn! What a beautiful poem; I'm SO happy for you. :)
Congratulations on your win. This is very creative and beautifully written. Wonderful!
That sent tingles down my spine and into my heart. I'm just getting started and decided to read some entries ist. This inspires me! Thank you!
Sheer genius! This is so moving and inspirational. Congratulations on a well-deserved win!
Brilliant - just brilliant.
It's really beautiful and I'm awe struck. Hope we see more of this kind of your work.
This was absolutely heavenly inspired. Anointed. Not only the words, the flow, but the presentation. That was genius and you are most deserving. CONGRATS!
Thanks for showing me how to look up your poem. It was very descriptive, with good details. It did a good job of relating the worship of Him to everyday challenges. Keep it up!
Brenda P.
Absolutely awesome!!! What a treat! Your work is indeed a blessing, as is your heart for our Lord.
Inspiration sensation! You need to write an entire book of concrete poetry. So unique! Easy on the eyes and good soul food. Delicious and nutritious!
Wow, I think I'l say it backwards--wow (stole that from my Toastmaster hubby). I love the format and sentiment. Just the right amount of words without seeming like you were quoting a thesaurus.
Wow, an amplified Bible in PICTURES!
this is really good work..makes one to come out of eberyday life and have a bit of fun..
THIS is amazing! I loved it! Not only was it fun to read, but also visually stimulating! GREAT!
That was beautiful!
This is sooo cool! Maybe you should sell it or give it for a Christmas card design for the 2009 Christmas season!

Again, this should be in first place. It is magnificent. It is so encouraging. Thank you so much for such a wonderful message and reminder of the many names and wonderful accomplishment of our God.
Thank you for this great work. Awesome!
What an infinitely creative and inspirational bit of craftsmanship. Pure genius.