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ALL enemies are routed when God is lifted up in praise. Good story.
This sent chills up my spine. I love Selah (as a name, as a title, AND as a character). The sick child was an effective part of the background. Wonderful.
Excellent! I absolutely loved the characters you created! The scripture you based your story on, has been a favorite of mine for a long time. Well done, indeed!
What a wonderful, creative, out-of-the-box story! Your characters are so likeable and relatable. Excellent!
I really liked this!
Seems like I read another entry somewhere about this piece of the Bible. I really liked how you intertwined the personal life of this man and his soldierly life. Awesome message!
I love Biblical fiction and this was a great one.

You drew us in and carried us to the end - excellent work!
Simply beautiful. A dramatic statement of a delicate issue. To meet warriors with praise, to overwhelm with song and hearts of love. That is where God leads us. Thank you.
The story you imagined from one verse of scripture is amazing, and gripping, as well. I got immersed in the lives of your characters.
This is so good. I was right there with Selah and her family. Very well done.
Loved the internal conflict within Jeriah. Great story with great characterization.
Wonderful POV on one of my most favorite stories from the Word. You did an excellent job of portraying the helpless fish-out-of-water emotions of a warrior faced with something his sword could not fix. Good job!
I enjoyed the bringing of this story alive with names and real life events.
When I re-read the scripture on which you based your story, I asked myself, "Can you imagine what the men who were appointed to SING were thinking?". And of course, you did, and here's the delightful story to prove it. Well written, well described, and the characters you created are are very real with natural dialogue.
Oh, what a story! You had this reader 'right there' throughout. I feel like the characters are as real as I am. What skill and what heart you've used to create this wonderful story! I'd love to hear more from Jeriah and Selah and son.