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I didn't know this tradition existed—what a great idea! Good job at bringing it to our attention.
I love the variety in characters represented here. One thing that awes me the most is that before the Lord, we are all in His image and an heir to the throne, our background or status on earth insignificant.
Great story about a wonderful tradition. Our local paper still includes information each year about this prayer time for students. It's sad that the teacher can't participate,(can't appear to be school sponsored), but good that the students keep it going year after year. I like the characters and information you presented with this unique perspective on corporate worship.
This brought back nice memories of seeing the students at my son's school gathered around the flag pole back in the 90s. Good job with your characters~
Ahhh yes. Very good. We still do this at our schools here. Great job. God bless.
Very good, and a really creative approach to the topic. I like the non-cookie-cutter Christians that you portrayed.
I like this story. I wrote about SYATP a few challenges ago. Good that it's getting plugged!
Oh, I REALLY like this! I was pulled into it and couldn't wait to read on. I got an inkling then was very satified to find I was right ;-) Great treatment of syatp!
Neat way to write the story for the syatp message.Nicely drawn sketch of the adults' influence on the young people.
Nice write - I enjoyed how you shared the story from several perspectives.
I too, got pulled into the different lives which left me wanting more about them.

I only stumbled at one tiny place of not much significance really, "She said a quick prayer, asking for a shelter-mate to attend too." (Just the last three words of this sentence)

See? No biggee. ;)

I really loved how you created 'life' around this event.
I'm always amazed at how many kids show up for this event at our high school.

This is a really creative idea for the topic. You did a great job of showing us a couple of the characters rather than just putting everyone at the pole. Nice writing.
Timely and creative. I like how you sketched out the characters then brought them all together at the end.
I love See You at the Pole. A teacher frined of mine explained to me how they had to stand at least so many feet away from the pole. Bummer, but it's a great tradition anyway. I thought you did a great job with this. A unique take on the topic, too.
I love the take on the subject for this week. It is creative, interesting, wonderful message, and excellent writing as always.
Bringing organized worship out into the public. Such a lesson for young believers. Good choice, and good job.
Very cool! I never heard of pray at the pole! Well written, and I like how you kept the reader wondering til the end where all the kids were off to.
As usual, I'm at the bottom of a huge list of fan-mail.
Very moving story, in a homey, everyday sort of way. I like those. I especially liked the bit about the trooper girl who walked all the way from the shelter. My kids have been in volved in MYATP, and it gives you a sense of hope for our new, vulnerable generations. You captured that well. Well done Joanne.