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You got me at the "split peas" comment, and I giggled the rest of the way. I enjoyed reading this format -- I could picture everything happening on a stage. And your description of the pastor at the beginning was really good -- I knew exactly what he looked like. Great job with this topic.
Funny and cute! Poor pastor. I've heard a few of these kinds of slips myself. My pastor has often repeated, "We are heirs (HARES) to the throne! Heirs (HARES), I say!" I haven't had the heart to tell him the "h" is silent. When I glance around, no one seems to hear it, but it makes me chuckle every time for in my mind's eye are a field of rabbits hopping about before a big throne.
Oh bravo, bravo. I just loved this. We once had a pastor who had this kind of slip of the lip often. Once he talked about the whale of the belly and once he spoke disparagingly of Magnum p1-36. We weren't sure if it was a gun or a TV show! LOL - too cute.
Oh, fun. This MUST have been as much of a hoot to write as it was for me to read. I giggled all the way through.
What a HOOT! I would love to see this one acted out. Belly laughs.
had my attention right up to the hind carts :-)))))
Enjoyable from beginning to end. God bless.
Giggled all the way through this one! Loved it!
Oh Jan, this is hillarious! I'm sitting here near tears. You're incredibly creative! Awesome! :)
This is wonderful! I love your play on words -- you are truly gifted in that area:) Like how the preacher got people opening their Bibles to see what in the world he was talking about! Too, too funny!
Jan, you never cease to amaze me! *chuckle, chuckle* Your wit and play on words are becoming legendary.

And ... this is hard to do! I've spent 20 min. trying to do this in my reply ... forget it!

This was really fun to read!

Now HOW am I supposed to find boo boos in that... Split peas, indeed.. :D
Okay, this is hilarious... I loved it!!! You had me laughing all the way through...
Very fun and engaging. Kept looking for that something at the end and didn't find it...and was glad. The consistency in the mood and effect would have been lost if that 'something' popped up. Instead it sat behind the piece and therefore spoke broader words.
Well written and great job! Very entertaining. My favorite was snoozin' May.
I hound this very filarious. I was gaughing my luts out, scicturing the pene.

Hehehehehe..... I'm kinda trying to see whether I can match your humor. A job well done. Bravo on an excellent write. Excuse my silliness....
Thank you for such a fun read as I head out to the day job.

I have a goal to be a speaker someday and I so fear that I may do just this. LOL!!!

Thanks again!
Oh boy, am I ever glad I didn't skip this one! I actually guffawed in a few places. More than that, though, you've stirred up warm memories of my own fun-loving dad who was a master at spoonerisms. We love them in our family, and hardly a day goes by that you don't hear one. A million stars from me for this one.
ROFL!!! Oh my, oh my, I'm laughing so hard I've got tears rolling down my face. This is wonderful. With every line I couldn't wait to read the next. Thanks, I needed this. Good job.
ROFL2! Your wit and creativity NEVER ceases to amaze me! What fun! So cute! I've had moments down through the years when I've heard my hubby in the pulpit make boo-boos like this. Thankfully not as many as poor 'Spike Mooner' though! LOL! Great humor, friend!
Congrats on your win! This was absolutely hilarious-good job! ^_^
I love the "Spoonerisms" all through this! I'm assuming that was the great, great...grandfather. This is such fun!
Not a surprise to see your name in the winners' circle again, dear friend. Brilliant, and I especially loved 'wake a May.'
One question - how long did it take you? I have visions of you not sleeping all week!
Congratulations on your EC. This is really good -- I especially like the unique style.
Congratulations on your high rankings. I just read it again and enjoyed it for a 2nd time....more belly laughs!