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This is charming. It would be a great message story for kids.
This is my favorite line: I think hes just plain b-a-a-a-a-ad! I chuckled when I read it. Well done.
Love it a delightful story with endless application to other lambs we know and love, including me.
Awwww. I loved this story and Calamity Lamb. Great writing!
Delightful story for children - love the descriptions (and my favorite line is the same as Betty's!). Since you asked, my only suggestion would be to have the other lambs "learn a lesson" somehow about being rude and mean to Calamity Lamb. That seemed to leave me hanging just a bit, somehow. A lovely story with a lovely message.
This was such a sweet, warm story. It felt a little slow in the beginning, but once Calamity came on the scene everything picked right up and captivated me. Well done.
Very cute! Great kids' story that this adult enjoyed, too. :) Cat
The kid in me, often present, jumped and squealed with Calamity. My grandkids would love this.
So creative---this would make an excellent devotional for kids!
This brought a smile to me today. Thank-you. There is a place for everyone, regardless of how we're put together. Congratulations on your placement with this wonderful writing! Loren
Congratulations on your EC. I love the dialogue between the sheep -- very fun to read. Great message.
I loved this. In New Zealand, sheep outnumber people 10 to 1. I will certainly think of Calamity next time I pass some on the road!
Oh, this reads like a perfect classic! I sure hope you can find just the right illustrator and turn this into a children's book (that adults will enjoy, too. I want a copy or two when you do!). I'm so glad I came calling to thank you for leaving a comment on my "Proposals" story. I really appreciate it.
This was an outstanding children's story, just delightful.
Sharlyn, get yourself an illustrator and publish this for kids! Deelight-full--from the internal rhyme of Calamity Lamb's name to the adorable interaction between all the animals. Congrats!