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There's one in every class, huh? I love the humor in your writing. Great job with the conflicting emotions - the battle for "calm". I'm wondering if the rest of the class is relaxed at all? :)
This is so funny. I laughed out loud a number of times. Your writing made it so easy so see and hear everything. You gave great voices to the two main characters. I really enjoyed reading this. Great job.
The humor, the humor of it all! Very enjoyable read and a creative bend to the "calm" topic. Characters were interesting and beliveable. Good writing all round!
Oh boy, but this is great. I'm still laughing.
Chillsome...I LOVE it! What a great "non-typical" (is that a word?) story. Thanks for the smiles you brought in my day with this one.
Cute story. I think Amanda Lynn was in my class last year...different name, though.
Too fun! My son can't sit Indian-style, either. Amanda-Lynn sounds just like my daughter. Now, can everyone understand why I'm not calmer Wonderful writing. I enjoyed it.
Ditto to everything the others said! It would have helped me to know what age Amanda Lynn is. I was thinking six or seven until you mentioned a relaxation class.

Delightful. Absolutely a treat.
Hoo boy, Amanda Lynn is certainly a patience killer. This was a fun read, and very well written. Thanks for the chuckle this morning.
This is adorable. Love the teacher's calm, patience attitude. Your descriptions are so vivid, I was there in the room!
So funny! I'd have started tearing my hair out long before this. Great voice, lots of fun to read.
I can see why you had fun writing this because it was such a fun read as well. Thanks for adding a bit of humor to my day today!
Too, too cute! This definitely brought back memories. I had a little difficulty placing Amanda Lynn's age but other than that, this was so much fun! Great fit for the topic. Good luck!
Great fun. Would have liked a little more visuals on Amanda Lynn and teacher to picture them in my mind's eye and give them more characterization. Thanks for an enjoyable read. Could really feel the teacher's exasperation.
That was REALLY fun to read. Very funny! The interaction between the two people was priceless. I loved how the one was completely annoyed and the other completely clueless.

I too would have liked more information on Amanda Lynn - I was having a hard time getting her in my minds eye because I had no idea how old she was.

ROFL! This is just too funny. Good job, I really hope this does well! ^_^
Hehehe This was just great. I actually thought Amanda Lynn was a little kid until the end. Unless it WAS a child? lol Now I'M the confused one. ;)
Oh! This is just too cute! What fun! And don't we all know Amanda-Lynns?! LOL! You're a gem of a writer... I love everything you write! :-)
CONGRATULATIONS on second place EC!!! Love ya!
Congratulations on your EC Joanne. This is one of my favorites. I love, love, love it. :)
Very cute take on relaxation. Loved it! Congrats on the win.
Congratulations on a well deserved second. Loved the story - I know some adults who behave just like Amanda Lynn...
This is absolutely precious! I had a student similar to Amanda Lynn once--I was right there in that classroom with Mrs. Chillsome, biting my tongue and trying not to roll my eyes as I read this. Great work! You're a Master, for sure! Congrats on a well-deserved Seconed Place! :)
Ha, love it! I can certainly identify with Amanda Lynn (not Amy ;-) )'s physical limitations, but I hope I didn't give me Pilates teacher THAT much trouble! LOL
I loved this! It was so funny and written in a way that one can just picture these two!
You did it, Girl. I loved it. Congratulations!
Ha ha! This is absolutely delightful, Joanne-- congratulaions! Yes, those pesky troubles do have a way of "sneaking back up one's nose" at times! What a terrific range of styles you have. More, more!
Woe! You are such a talented writer--this was wonderful! Congratulations you certainly deserve your placing!
I haven't been on here for a little while now but thoguht I would read over the last entries when I saw yours Joanne. This is so comical and a piece that most of us could relate to. I love the contrasts and can almost picture the characters. Reminded me of one of my classes for our first child.:0) COngratulations on placing 2nd. Great job! Hugs,God bless and keep up the writing, you excel in many types of writing.:0) Janice
Oh, I just laughed out loud! I have one of these kids on my praise team and have grown to love him so much! I love the way you are able to make these characters come to life in my mind's eye.
This is TOO funny! I teach an adult Bible study, and I can think of a few Amanda Lynn's in my class. Ms. Chillsome has become my inspiration. :) Congrats on a well-deserved win.