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You have such a talent for showing us what is there and not just telling it. Great detail about her surroudings and how she was feeling. I liked the ending too.
Perfect. Great lesson. I wish my dentist wore a cross.
I've been terrified of the dentist until I found the perfect one just this year! The horror stories I could tell (and just might)... Wonderful telling.
I love my dentist-he's the best one in ALL the world! He's a Christian man, too, and very caring. I hate dental stuff, though. I can relate to the fears in this story, and the calm at the end is a nice touch.
LOVE the lizard lady, and your excellent sense of place and atmosphere. You took me there. Didn't figure out why she was there till you said it out - I had all sorts of ideas, none of which were right! Enjoyed this read very much!
It's interesting how everyone seems villainous when we're in an uncomfortable situation (lizard lady!) Your descriptions are perfect, with just the right amount of humor injected. And the ending is so good, with the change of focus to the cross.
I've always liked the rhythm and melody of "The Girl from Ipanema", so I really appreciated how you used the song in your entry and title. Your description of the receptionist and her tongue movement when she talked was great! Really enjoyed this!
Really great writing. You have much more faith than me...I alway say "yes" to the happy gas. I enjoyed this.
I loved the attention to detail in this writing: from the brown stains on the carpet to the out of date magazines. Been there too many times – and still hate it!
Having had some root canal work done, the offer of laughing gas seemed a bit out of place to me. The dentist has to rip out the nerves of a tooth, so I have always been given a local anaesthetic in the tooth. Maybe your dentist has a different protocol. I certainly couldn’t see myself going through such an operation purely on the basis of being reminded about the cross. Hey, hurts even thinking about it.
I'm so glad I started at the top of the hint list. This is just super writing - clear and clean and crisp. Since I've worked for dentists I guessed pretty early on but your ending was a real surprise.
I enjoyed the detail of your writing. You can feel the MC's fear melting into calm. Excellent!
A lot of great descriptive phrases in here beginning with opening the door...I really liked the calm that came over the MC by seeing the cross. I have done the very same thing, looked and found God's peace in the signs He and His deciples openly reveal to us.
I love this--your voice always slays me--but I've got to say, I wouldn't care if my dentist had on three crosses and did his surgery in a baptistry, I want the gas.

Awesome writing!
Oh, this was sooo good! Your writing impresses me muchly. Is that a word? anyway, I loved the detail and the humor. Everything was written so that I could picture the MC, the Lizard lady, the Perky lady, the man with the cell and the atomosphere. Kudos!
Betty, this was outstanding writing. I loved it!
LOL...Perfect story for me, Betty! Thanks for the link. Love it!