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Okay, this absolutely cracked me up! I love a good "butt" story, and some of your other imagery was just priceless. Thanks for the laugh.
This is so funny -- you had me laughing out loud. The bath in the baptismal is priceless. Great job.
Too cute! You doubled a "that," missed a period and meant "quiet" instead of quite but the story was super excellent anyway.
Love this! I love the imagery of a bubble bath in the baptismal!
I could just see those three stewing over momma's next steps, what a pleasant surprise to see that children CAN listen!
To have told this story almost entirely with dialogue, and manage to bring everyone so incredibly to life, my goodness I hope I can write like you when I grow up!
Cute story with three sweet characters! I like the siblings' interaction, and their brainstorming to help calm mom.
I just LOVE these kids! EXCELLENT dialog especially. Great images too.
I love, love, love this! Too cute. The kid's dialogue is perfect. Great job.
Now I'm convinced that your title is perfect. Peace won't last long with this trio around. They are adorable, nevertheless. Great job.
Your kids are adorable, if just a wee bit mischievous.
Realistic dialogue, good message, and a fun read. Thanks for sharing your little ones.
This is so enjoyable. Love the interaction of the kids; you have captured their dialogue perfectly. Excellent!
I liked the mother's realistic dialogue, "Jason Lee Baldwin..." Three names pronounced with a hard first syllable at the last one always spelled trouble for us kids. Really cute story.
Super! You brought the children to life through their dialog, and brought smiles to my face. I laughed out loud at the bubble bath in the baptismal. Great story for the topic. :) Cat