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This is beautiful. I feel so relaxed after reading this. Your descriptions are wonderful -- putting me right in the scene. Excellent writing.
Comforting piece; it reminds us that we all are promised "do-overs" by our Lord. Thank Him for that!
So captivating! I thoroughly enjoyed your descriptions.

I will admit to being confused by the age of the woman - at first I thought she was a child, then a REALLY old woman, before it all settled into place. Watch your use of the word 'and' in the first few paragraphs. It became distracting after a time.

Other than that I found myself picturing everything with such clarity. What an extraordinary gift you have.
Your descriptions are absolutely excellent. You painted a very VERY vivid picture in my mind.
Such lovely, peaceful images. I enjoyed reading this very much.
The imagery you put before us led me into the story. There is a depth to your words that the simplicity seems to hide. You are profound in your thoughts.
This was one of my favorites for the lovely imagery, as well as the message. Excellent writing