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What a generous, loving lady! I love the details of how she held the boy's hand and cupped his face. Great job!
What a touching story. The world definitely needs more Kathys. I enjoyed this very much.
I love how Kathy saw the potential in Cameron, by the way he returned her hankie, and immediately opened her heart and home. And then again with Simon. Good storyline, I really enjoyed this one! Wish you had more words to expand - so we could see the fine home Simon had only dreamed of through his eyes. :)
What a creative story of two urchins of a bygone age. The opening lines drew me in, and I was eager to see what would happen next.
What wonderful characters you've created in this tender story! I vividly saw everything through your skillful pen, and feel like I'd recognize them were I to meet them on the street. This could easily be a chapter in a book I would think...very 'Great Expectations' like. I loved it!
This has a cinematic quality to it...I could just see the urchins, the streets...very Oliver Twist-ish. I love it!
Very nicely written. I could picture the entire story so well. It is nice to read a happy story. Well done.
What an inspiring tale. If only we would all make an effort to be a "Kathy" to the world around us.
LOVE IT! Your attention to details really gave life to this wonderfully told story! BRAVO!!
I was afraid that the kind lady had turned out to be a menace instead, when Cameron died so soon. I was relieved to learn that she really was a kind saintly woman. Sweet story.
I really enjoyed your well-written "full of hope" story. Isn't that just like the gospel message...offering hope and a dream for the future to the most wretched of us on earth. This is very creatively written.
Sounds like a wonderful lady.
Nice story, Joanne. It did have a Charles Dickens feel to it.
Broke my heart ya did! Oh to not know he was in a better place. Thanks for sharing what's in your heart with your readers. Gret writing! Loved it.
I read this earlier and thought I had left a comment, but see that I hadn't. I was thoroughly engaged by this story. The setting, characters and dialogue were just perfect for the telling of this tale. Great job.
Delightful JoAnne... I loved it. How do you think of stories like this?? They are so sweet and touching and yet REAL enough you can picture the whole thing... I loved how you weaved witnessing about Jesus into it and heaven... you deserve to be up there where the Masters are! yougogirl!
Literary fiction is something I aspire to someday, but I need another decade before I could come close to this. Pleases toss me a brick earlly every week.

Congratulations, Joanne!
AHA! they gotcha.. DESERVING PLACiNG FOR EC... happy for you girlfriend.. celebrate the moment!
Oh, this is such a wonderful story. Your writing is so vivid, I felt like I was watching a movie. Great job!
Blessings! Congrats!
I still can't put into words how this one moved me, so I'll have to settle for CONGRATULATIONS!
Congratulations on your EC. This is very good writing -- the dialects were done very well. Nice job.
This was just wonderful! I felt like I was standing there on the street with the boys - great job.
CONGRATS Friend. I'm glad I popped in to see how you're doing. Excellent writing. God bless.
Move over, Oliver Twist! This has got a heavenly twist to it. Congratulations Joanne.
This really is a great "period" piece. I'm "reimpressed" dear Friend!