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This is beautiful. A real love story told very well. Lovely descriptions, too.
Very nicely done.
Beautifully done! I loved the butterfly theme throughout, and the way you painted Amanda as so alive in his memories, his heart, and in eternity. This echoes the walk of a dear departed friend of mine (who also loved butterflies!) and the way God worked to comfort the godly husband she left behind. Great job!
You have painted a marvelous, delicate, sweet portrait with your words. I will never look at a butterfly the same again. Love how you wove the song and the butterfly images throughout. Masterfully done.
Your characters leaped off the page and into my heart. What a beautiful love story.
I loved this love story painted like the butterfly, beautifully.
What a beautifully uplifting tribute. You handled the telling so well, I didn't leave feeling saddened by his loss, only hopeful through his treasure.
Your poetic prose is such a like the beauty of the butterflies! This is a wonderful story that touches the heart and soul. Love your style!
This indeed is a beautiful story in prose. I loved your word selections that came alive. I too, will never look at a bitterfly the same again.

I do have one suggestion I'm not sure about, but, I was wondering if there should be an extra space between the present story and the reminesent part of the story. The first transition was fine but I stumbled over the second.

Just a very minor point in a beautiful piece - I loved it.
You made me belive that if a guy named "Scoot" can write poetry, anyone can. :- )

Beautiful words and images.
Oh, sweet! My heart aches. Wonderful wonderful.
Beautiful love story. The characters are very real and lovingly portrayed. The song startled me and brought back my own set of memories. When I was a mere 17 year old, I sang this song with three other girls at my high school Spring concert in 19...uh...something! (We wore dresses that matched the colors in the song. Imagine that-DRESSES!) The memories you wrote about in your story are as sweet as the ones I have from that concert.
Beautiful and vibrant with a bit of wisdom tucked in. Absolutely excellent.
Beautiful and vibrant with a bit of wisdom tucked in. Absolutely excellent.
Ditto to "a beautiful love story"! It's refreshing to read about love that has grown and matured in contrast to today's relationships. I've never heard the song mentioned (I think I'll google it.) GREAT writing!
Oh! So touching. Well written piece.
Beautifully written! I could see every moment of it. I was concerned that the man might not leave, but join his love that every moment.