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This touching and insightful story is so beautifully written. Many animals (and humans as well) get bad reputations for the responses they are programmed to give through ill treatment. I think you could write a whole book about Miss Rosie's adventures...especially after she was rescued. Makes me want a parrot. LOVED IT!
Very nice.
Labels hurt!
- The girl made faces at Rosie. “I don’t like you. You’re mean.”
The parrot's feelings were so clear, I felt like I might even let her sit on my hand. A good story.
Thank-you for the insights into the hearts and minds of these (and other) innocent animals.
Gee - I wonder who wrote this? ;) I love this "bird's-eye-view" (ughhhh!) - you did an amazing job of getting us inside Rosie's head. This touched me.
Extremely satisfying piece--I love your lady "parrot-whisperer" with a mission!
Right ON!

We currently have 11 parrots.
I'll admit it--I'm not much of a fan of birds--but this story touched me. I read it as a metaphor for God's love for the unloveable, and I found it moving and full of grace.
This piece of writing held my attention right the way through.
Yes, Yes, Yes.
Not only did you help us understand parrots and their needs, but you taught us about how to approach and handle them. Wonderful. Using Rosie's perspective was great. :-)
There are lessons here for dealing with people as well as parrots. I felt so sorry for Rosie. Glad this story had a happy ending.
The title caught my eye, because of Rosie O. in the news lately, and was really excited it did. What a wonderful story. I was so hoping that it ended well, and YES.. the end was the beginning. How true of animals and people...if we can just take the time and love to get beneath the hard exteriors, there is gold! Thanks so much for this.. a real treat!
TLC works every time. God told us that "love covereth a multitude of sin" (scripture?).
You write as if you had first hand knowledge of these birds. :) I enjoyed Rosie's story and I learned something about the intelligence of these birds.
Almost nothing gets my dander up faster than cruelty to animals. You got me on Rosie's side from the start even though she was a biter and made me want to throttle the pet-store owner. We have had a spate of animal-torture stories in our local paper and it just wrings my heart. I'm so, so glad you gave this one a happy ending.
I am so glad I read this. I felt sorry for Rosie, no I had empathy for Rosie right away. I almost cried. It's not fun when people think badly of you whether you are an animal or human. You are an awesome writer and I mean that! God has truly blessed you.