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You called this bad?!? I loved it! and I'm still snickering! :-) I was hoping Slink (I love that name!) would get plucked like that--for sleeping in front of their door. lol) Great, fun story for bold. Hugs!! :-)
Charming story--not cheesy a bit. (Sorry, I couldn't resist.) Your mice are drawn so sympathetically that I like them and I DON'T EVEN LIKE MICE. Good job!
Charming story--not cheesy a bit. (Sorry, I couldn't resist.) Your mice are drawn so sympathetically that I like them and I DON'T EVEN LIKE MICE. Good job!
what an adorable children's tale. You did such a great job on this!
Cute and fun! I also love the name "Slink" for a cat. This is a great little children's story. Definitely fits the topic.
I soooo agree that it's a reaaly cute children's story and I think it's very well written in this genre so kudos to you on that one!

I LOVE all the names and the progression of events and that the cat got foiled! Woohoo! ;)
Haha, fun story! We have some bold mice around my house. UG.
The Adventures of Pip and Squeek... they would make a great children's story series... - this was absolutely delightful to read!!
Being a cat lover, I was halfway rooting for Slink, but then it wouldn't have ended so well. This is very cute and well-written.
I love this innocent, charming story. It has adventure, just the right kind for a child, and fun, and it has two really lovable little characters! I felt like I was watching a really good cartoon. The kind they used to make years ago with great story lines and sweet endings.
Those were two BOLD mice. I have to admit that food can be a big motivator to me also, but I think it would take chocolate, not cheese, to get me to be so bold.

I loved hearing the two mice talk and discuss their options. I could just picture them, brothers trying to plot and plan. This was so charming. It kept me on the edge of my seat. I really, really enjoyed it.
Cute! This was so fun, especially the names, Pip & Squeak. Lol. I liked how they worked together to get the cheese and were able to safely enjoy it in the end. Good job! ^_^ I can just see this as a Tom and Jerry kind of cartoon.
Now THAT was a bold move. Really cute story. Children should love it. I can see it as a child's cartoon. So good.
This was a very innovative, creative childrens' tale. I, too, could picture each mouse. I held my breath at the conclusion. How you make us care so much about mice is beyond me! Well, that's writing talent for ya!
This was great! Lots of fun to read. This is a storu=y I would love to read to my grandchildren.

This was wonderfully written. I have four cats and I am positvely sure these two mice could pull the wool over each of their eyes. (All four are misfits and seem not to have a clue sometimes) Great writing! Great dialog! Just awesome all around.
I so enjoyed this adventure, it is a fun read with a good message. This kind of writing is what makes many people want to read and yes, believe! Great job.
Betty, This is so adorable! And the name for the cat is perfect. Loved every word. Blessings, Teri