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(haha! I was the first to read this :-D) Cute story! Nice example for the Bible verse. :-)
(Rats! I thought I'd get to be first!! oh well.)
Great lesson for not only kids but for adults, too, and a great story to illustrate it! Hugs!
Great example of using everyday incidents in life to point our kids toward God's open arms, including the appropriate reaction to the spilled chips...very sweet.
This is a delightful devotional with a perfect example to show how we should have boldness before God.
A wonderful message all wrapped in this nice devotional. The dialogue was natural and flowed smoothly. Five stars from me.
I just bumped my head today trying to get chips ( figuratively speaking) so thanks for speaking to us adult children also! How easy it is to get self-sufficient, independent, and rely on our own strength. A few head bumps are a reminder! Good writing!
My favorite verse!

And you hit the 'bump' on the head with this one! ;) It's a wonderful children's story.

This could be shared in SS or as a family devotional. I think this deserves KUDOS all around.
Delightful lesson, in a great kids' format! You might even draw the reader in a notch further by portraying how Jacob was actually feeling about his futile attempts.
I liked the way you tied it all together with the potato chip theme--Nicely done!
Your message is loud and clear, but not preachy. Wonderful devotional.
Good, clear message and great dialog between the characters. I like the Dad's approach to put the every day example into a spiritual context for his son. That's a great way to parent and teach Biblical truths!
Oh, I agree! This is a wonderful 'lesson' to adults on how to teach Biblical truths through real life, everyday experiences! This could be used in church for 'children's sermon' times too. Great job!
Good lesson here. I liked the comparison.
I remember everything being out of reach and constantly scraping my knee! Great little kid details! Sweet story!
Nice contrast with the boy and his father. As is so often the case, our experiences with our own children tell us so much about God. How it must hurt Him to watch us continually bump our heads because we're too stubborn, too proud, or too self-sufficient to ask Him. I agree: this would make a good Sunday School lesson or devotional.
A lovely life lesson.

Give this to your Sunday School teachers; it'd be a great lesson for story time.
A sweet piece, Joanne, with a great lesson. I must admit ... but maybe it is just my experience with the precious little ones in my life ... that I did find a touch jarring the fact that (a) Jacob only ate part of the chips and didn't scoff the whole packet, and (b) he tried to put it back rather than leave it lying around until he was nagged. But that's just my cynicism shining through. It was a great piece with an excellent application and I'll think of it no doubt next time I try to be painfully independent and not bother God!