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A delightful read. I loved your humor.
Loved this piece! Funny, real, BOLD For SURE, and well written! A HOOT for me and a HOLLER! ( Texan for YIPPEEEE.. this is a winner!)
What a hoot! You've got that teen voice DOWN PAT. Fun from start to finish.
I'm howling! Superb, authentic tone, perky pace, adorable story-line, plot twist at the end...This is beyond entertaining! I feel as though I know this kid. (Hmmm, yup. She's my little sister!) Fabulous read.
So funny! That teen girl thing is down pat in this story. (Makes me kinda glad I have a boy.) Great writing gives this story the flavor it needs-high school angst and everything that goes with it.
If only I had been so bold!!!

Sadly, I will have to hang my head in shame when my kids ask if I went to prom...

LOVED THIS! Thanks for making me laugh.
This is loads of fun. It's written with wit and humor, and I like the diary format, too. Well done.
Things we would only tell a diary! Enjoyable read.
This is such fun. Your voice is perfect for a teen. Great job. I really enjoyed it. I loved how it mother, like a neck brace. Bravo.
How big is your God? I could just hear the mother's voice. My goodness, but this piece was hilarious. The whole thing was a happily-ended exercise in pain!
What fun! I love the sarcastic teen routine and the slightly twisted, but totally believable family dynamics. The last paragraph, and particularly the last line were brilliant!
AHA!! You won girlfriend! FIRST PLACE MASTERS! How is that cupotea?? ANd yes you deserved it.. I LOVED your piece and so did everyone else.. CELEBRATE this .. and enjoy.. you deserved it!
Three cheers on your win for this delightful piece. On top of the "heap" is the best place to be!
What a fun read!! I loved that teen voice and how bold she was! :-)
Totally delightful. This is chock-full of comic gems and so, so well done.
Cute, Sweet, and Fun! You pick which order those go in. I loved it! Congrats on your EC!
Congratulations on your EC. This is really cute, and so well written. Great job with the topic.
Congratulations on your win. Your story was hilarious. Reminded me of ancient times when I was so desperate to get a date for the prom that I asked a boy myself. He turned me down very sweetly, saying he'd like to go but it was expensive and he just didn't have the money. At the time I was devastated but later married a man who danced divinely--he could cook too, lol. Getting back to the present, I LOVED your story!
Lots of smiles from me reading this. Great job - congrats, Marilee!
This was/is just soooo funny. The kind of chuckle that helps me get through the day. Thanks for writing and sharing your talent and congratulations on your placement!
I liked the 2nd to last entry best. Congrats on your Win!