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This wonderful, simple story brought tears to my eyes and joy to my heart. Beautifully told. Thank you.
So very powerful - and a lesson for ALL of us. This moved me.
Wonderful story. We should all be as bold.
Breathtaking, true story--beautifully and simply told.
I'm wondering if your absolutely best ending might be his exquisitely powerful statement, "I choose firebrand". (Then perhaps a simple author's note, documentary-style, briefly describing how he lived and died.) Thanks so much for this supremely inspiring piece!
Touching and masterfully crafted. I especially like the 6th paragraph from the bottom.
What a testimony to the Lord was this man's life! His story is beautifully told in this entry. He sure did touch a lot of lives in just 41 years. Wow.
How inspiring! And what a reminder of how I fall short...

This is well-written and filled with the love of Christ. I really enjoyed reading it.
Wonderful devotional--I wish we had more of this type! Very inspiring.
The simple, true stories often touch my heart more thn any others, because God truly wrote them. Thanks for sharing this one. :)
Jesus said unless we become as a little child we cannot enter the kingdom of heaven. That in itself is a bold statement. Your story illustrates so well the bold and childlike faith of a simple man who took Jesus at His word.
Powerful. Congrats on your win.