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Your story does a good job of "showing" how important it is to "take your Christianity out of the drawer." I'm glad your mc came to his senses with boldness.
It's amazing how low we have to sink before we realize we have to take a stand. I'm glad the MC made the right decision.
Love the Bible in the drawer imagery (like everyone else did, eh?). Great job of characterization. Perfect ending.
Powerful! Great wrap-up. A real treat for the soul, crafted with excellence.
I agree wholeheartedly with the other comments. This is first rate writing! The characters, setting, and story line are perfect. Great story!
Powerful story. Very realistic.
What amazes me most is your ability to write from the POV of a young male, and very convincingly. The mark of a truly giftd writer.
To me, this is a winner. Excellent.
The storyline is sickening, but of course relevant to the day. What a great story for bolstering the courage of teens and young adults.
I agree, a very relevant story. This is why young people must be raised in the Truth!! I felt the impact of this story as though it were happening before my eyes. Great boldness and redemption, and wonderful writing. Awesome job.
Ahhh ... yes - you spin your gifted pen girl. What a ride. Loved it.
Readers (young and old) need role models as to the right thing to do. This story fits perfectly and without glossing over the emotional turmoil of the MC. Great Job!
Bravo. I think it was BOLD of you to write about this. I'm so glad you did.

It took something like the incident to make the MC's Christian upbringing break through. I'm so glad it did. It gives hope that our kids may go astray but they will return to the Lord.

I liked that the MC was not perfect and was struggling with his faith and the temptations of college life. It made this more realistic. Great dialogue also. Great job, as always.
Excellent. The imagery of the Bible/Christianity in the drawer really added to the piece. Great story with many great messages packed in. Hugs!