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I loved your story. We were just in Corolla, North Carolina this summer. We didn't see the wild horses but read about them (and we saw the Currituck Light House). At first I thought you may be referring to the legend of Nag's Head. Your descriptions are wonderful. Your writing is so smooth. I was definitely cheering for the Treasure (a perfect name for a pirates horse).
Sensitively and beautifully written--I'm sure this would be a captivating story for any age group! I just love horses--had a few myself in my teens & twenties, and know how sensitive they are. (If I were an artist, I'd be begging to illustrate this piece!)Your ending was supremely satisfying--loved the way you opened with the horse loving the sea, and end with the sea carrying her "home"!
Amazing description and an absolutely engaging tale. LOVED everything about this.
I really liked this story. I thought it was a truly unique slant on the topic. Oh that I could have that ability.

I did wonder how the horse got from her stall (presumably with a closed door) to the deck.

This is a fascinating story, very well written. I could just see the terror of the horse.
WOW! This is beautifully written and a gripping story. A very, very well deserved win! Congrats!
You have a true gift for pulling on heartstrings. This is amazingly well done.
Congratulations on a well deserved win.
Your love of animals and gift with words both shine bright in heartfelt story!

Congratulations, Teri! I am sooo happy to see this wonderful story and writer take 'first place'!
Really a home run hit in my book. Loved the story and the way it was told. Congratulations on this wonderful entry.
Wow, Teri, this is beautiful writing and such a poignant story. You have such compassion for animals; it's infectious! A big congratulations on your first place EC win! :)
Congratulations, Teri! I just loved this one--so glad you took top honors!
Wow. Congrats on your 1st place EC win!
Congratulations on top honors. This is beautiful writing.
What a lovely story! As a horse lover, I truly appreciated this. Congratulations and God bless.