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Hmmm...I'm pretty sure I know who wrote this one! I'm one of your devoted admirers, and this tender unveiling of a new mother's soul doesn't disappoint! (If you're not who I think you are, then you just gained a new fan.)
I wish I had written this. I can so remember all those feelings of fear (and the dreams of forgetting the baby all together). This is WONDERFUL! NOTHING can prepare a mom or keep her from these familiar feelings. She just has to survive them and trust in God and learn from experience. (Then with surprise baby #4 it's actually FUN!) You captured the feelings perfectly. GREAT WRITING.
Wonderful writing. My mother once told me that she was a whole lot more relaxed by the time I was born she got all those anxieties looked after with my brother!
How wonderfully you captured the feelings of a new mother. Long years past, I remember them still. Miraculously, my beautiful baby boy became a handsome man. I love how you combined humor and pathos and faith in this tender story.
Ah ... yes - you've touched the soul of motherhood. So awesomely overwhelming.

Oh, can I ever relate! This is just right and SO believable. I think every mother has lived this one! Excellent.
Beautiful! I so remember these feelings, and my baby just turned 15! Great writing. So full of the emotions of the new Mom.
Very moving and poignant.
Being present at my children's births, I've seen a little of the bonding and fears that a mother experiences. I couldn't imagine what she'd go though with the complications of major health issues in her life as well. Us mere males need to be made aware of these things. You've done it well.
Superb! Every emotion precisely true and masterfully rendered. This is absolutely wonderful.
Oh my! You captured those new mom fears beautifully! I caught my breath as I read the description of your sweet baby - such perfect, vivid description! I can still see my own baby's newborn pout from your description. Bravo!
I think all new mothers have these feelings. You did a wonderful job conveying them.

Great work.
So fantastically put.

And by the time you reach number five, you're still a mess ;)
Oh, the doubts of a new mother. You captured it well.
This is beautiful. You captured the fears of new mothers worldwide. Your writing is very engaging, and your descriptive phrasing is perfect. Great job with the topic.
My! Another story that makes me say, "I've been there!" So skillfully written with just the right touch of descriptive images and engaging characterization. You put us in this young mother's shoes, and I bet many readers are finding them to be an exact fit! Great job!
This was a great piece. You know, when my first child was born, I turned on a music box planter I'd gotten and cried because it was nine o'clock and "visiting hours are now over" the announcment said. My husband came into the room. He asked me what I was crying about. "You didn't want a girl, you wanted a boy," I bellowed. "You have to leave. Visiting hours are now over." "What are you talking about?" he asked incredulously. "I'm the husband, and, no I didn't want a boy." Baby blues, all right. A week later, I told myself I would not inform him that our daughter was mentally handicapped. I would suffer in silence. He would find out soon enough. When he came home, I broke down. "What are you talking about?" he asked. "Look at how her eyes wander," I explained. "All newborns' eyes do that," he answered. My daughter would later graduate summa cum laude and speak six languages fluently. Yep, that's what the baby blues can do for you! Your precious story was very relatable. Thanks for the memories!