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This gave me chills. Very well done. Blessings, Teri
Oh my, oh my. I was there and I felt the fear. Your descriptions of the sounds and smells were so vivid and real. I was happy the mom stopped him and then so disappointed she stayed. WONDERFUL.
Without doubt, I am sure, this was difficult to write, but I also expect it was a catharsis as well. And, as much as it serves to unburden it helps to enlighten. I applaud both your courage and talent in presenting this article. May it bless those in need to know they are not alone, that they should speak out, seeking help; because there are those that both understand and care. And finally, that they never lose hope because God does listen and hears their prayers.
I'm still quaking--can hardly type! You didn't waste words explaining, but rather you drew on my senses powerfully until I entered into Angel's experience. Then the precious mother, her life destroyed in the crush of two loves--a sick one and a divine one...God's promised deliverance and escape, yet at what a price! An unforgettable piece of craftsmanship and heart.
This is so real that I am afraid that it WAS a real experience. If it was, God bless you for using the courage He gave you to tell it. Real or not, kukos for the excellent writing.
This superbly written piece brought me a deep sadness that any child should be exposed to such sordid treatment. Thanks be to God for His care and rescue of any such young victims. This story lingers in my heart.
This was a hard one to read. It does show how God blesses those who trust in His word.

Unfortunately, this happens more often than our shaded eyes know. God bless you and this piece.
I am thanking God for the fact that these horrors are coming out to the light, and finally and sadly we are seeing what lurks behind closed doors in some places. I do agree if it was true, the writing of it is a part of the healing process and i thank God for that also. Bless you... Dianne
I cringed and shrank inside right along with Angel. It seems almost unthinkable that such as this should happen and yet it is REALITY in our fallen world. Only our great and awesome God can bring good out of such loathsome acts. And yet He does it, time after time. Amazing writing and (perhaps) transparency.
Okay, you made me cry. But I must admit I would like to use that frying pan on the mother as well...not to hurt her, mind you, just to knock some sense into her. You definitely made the scene come frighteningly alive.
WOW-How sad but true that those around the victim did not pick up the clues.How wonderful we have a savior that does
I'm still shaking. This is so scarily vivid and terrifying. This must have been excruciatingly painful to write. WOW.
Oh, I get so mad at this kind of abuse! It's hard for me to understand how her Mom could be aware of even the FIRST abuse, and not leave with her daughter right then, but I know it happens just this way in real life. Gripping story and excellent writing.
Wow, amazing. Excellent writing.
Yikes! Powerful, powerful writing, and you didn't take the easy way out by giving us a repentant father...just raw, painful truth. Wonderful and terrible at the same time, just as it should be. One of my favorites.
Wow! Excellent writing - bringing the reader right into the experience with your descriptions. Great job on a sensitive topic. Raw and realistic. This story blows me away.
Oh, what a tragic experience. I cringe at the thought. This was well told. Good job.
Wow. I have goosebumps after reading this. Extremely chilling. Very powerful writing. You put us in the bedroom -- and it was very terrifying.
Wow--truly terrifying. Such a well-written piece, I am still trembling.
Tears still in my eyes. So very real. Your gift as a writer shines. Such an incredibly sad story.
Your story touched me deeply. You did a fantastic job writing this one!
This was very well written. I'm glad the mother finally stopped him. Emotions keep me from saying more.
Tough subject to write about, but you did, and did it very well, too. Great description, great piece.
Very intense writing to say the least. Made me want to pick up the frying pan and take up where Momma left off. Your writing conveys strong emotions well. Good job.
Congratulations on your much deserved EC. This is really good writing.