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What a hoot! Here I was worried about the kids surviving. Now I know what they are, I really hope they don't. :)

You are too funny.
Hehehe, Fun! Someone else told me ahead of time what this story was about (spoil sport), but I think I would have gotten it anyway. Good job!
I have a sneaking suspicion this is about FLEAS! Good grief, now not only do they invade, but they teach each other survival skills! Someone else wrote about Noah and his ark...I've often wondered why fleas had to be included...and flies...and, etc! This was just a hoot. Great job!
Just one more question to ask O.G.D. (ooops, God) why did You make fleas? This must be one of those "His thoughts are higher than our thoughts" moments. This is great stuff.
I must admit...You hooked this big fish. I was having trouble though, seeing how those three rules would help the children. Oh my! What an entertaining story you wrote!
It hooked me and fooled me. I was confused about calling their arms limbs... but other than that I assumed it was a people family! FIDO! Hysterical... Not sure I care that much about whether they live read!
How cute!!! I could only hope to be half this creative! I loved how you played with the reader's natural assumptions. Great work!!! (And the title is perfect, too!)
Oh, you master story teller you! You knew we'd be mad if you didn't give us a clue in the title so's we wouldn't care as much as we did for these children after reading. Even at that, I was still mad it was about fleas!!!! WHAT? Something just bit my leg! OH, now look what you started! :)

I LOVED the dialogue. Tasty and excellent.
Did anyone else google siphonaptera? I was curious (and suspicious) how you came up with a name like that! Joanne, you are truly an amazing and creative writer. I am so blessed to have you as a friend and mentor!
You stinker! You got me ... and you got me good! It was getting close to the end and I thought, "You better give us closure on this!"

This-is-awesome! No.1 in my book. I don't think I will recover for awhile ...

This is cute. This is clever. This is WONDERFUL. You did a great job getting us to care about little fleas. Bravo! Thanks for the smile! Blessings.
I was hooked, too! And, I was suspicious of the name, but I kept right on reading. A clever, well written entry!
Hilarious, and I love the rule about avoiding "the mist." Made me snort a little bit. So clever--I love the way your mind works.
What a hoot. You've got me itching and scratching, though. Dafinitely creative!
Okay, the "limbs" gave it away for me - I figured something was up was NEVER guessed fleas! ROFL :0)

Delightful read - very engaging and creative with the "rules" letters matching the names, etc. No mistake in you being in the Masters!!
Oh! Silly me - the title should have tipped me off. Too fun!!
Oh, you got me!! LOL --Too funny! Where on earth did you come up with that one?! It's great! Hugs! ps-thanks for the laugh! :P
Are you tired of hearing this yet?

FANTASMIC! I loved it. I couldn't help wondering where it was these little "children" were going. Too much fun.
Yes, I bit too! (no pun intended).
Eeeeewwwww! Seriously, this is fantastic. And the title is PERFECT! Loved it. Blessings, Teri
Joanne!!!???!!! Okay, I liked this story so much I had to go to the hinting thread just to see who wrote it. Wow! Way to go, girl.
ROFL!!! DOG GONE IT! Didn't see that one comin'! HAHAHA!! LOL! You're somethin' else, you great writer you!! Still ROFL!
I spot a winner in this one! It's so creative--I absolutely love the twist in it. ^_^
Excuse me while I go have this hook removed from my lip. LOL This was wonderful. I'm partial to a good twist and this was a doosey. Great job.
Can I say that I knew, from the last name Siphonaptera, that something was up? :-p I am just endlessly amazed at the creativity here. The Three Rules were so ominous, and then...fleas. I love it! I sense a winner. Can't say for sure, but I hope so.
LOL - very creative! You definitely got me too, although I did wonder why you kept referring to "hands" as "limbs." he he. Great writing!
Very creative Joanne and well written. Although I did picture the story while reading it, I certainly pictured it wrong. Now that I know, I'm afraid my compasion is gone though, due to my poor dogs. Great article.
Well by golly Joanne! You hooked me too. I didn't have a clue until the very last! I thought this was a story about the tribulation! sheeeesh - can everyone see me blushing? lol
You sneak! This is really creative. Somehow, I kept thinking you were going to work trees in here, with all of the "limb" talk. Well done, and lotsa fun, too.
Here I am at 10:57 pm on Wednesday nite writing and submitting my story and you have this masterfully written cute little story here! This was so perfectly written! Loved it!
LOL. Very clever! :)
I'm a bit slow, so I had to read it a second time to get the acronym. I thought at first it was a fugitive family from ancient Greece or something. Certainly had me fooled.
(Funny!? Why do I feel itchy all of a sudden?) Love your sense of humour.
Ha! I loved it! Thanks :)
How did I miss this before? Ha...this is one story that I definitely understand. :) I love the three rules and Nicholas Syphonaptera's name! ;) Your title was a big (well, tiny) clue. :)
Hah! Even tho I read this when it was first posted, I still couldn't remember the "twist." Still giggling. :)
This is hilarious, Joanne! I love the twist! :-)