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This is a most interesting story. The verses of the song interspersed among the narrative fit very well. The story is well written with a great message.
Great description - and I also loved the touch of the songs interspersed. Great ending too.
Your entry illustrates how we often wait for trouble to come before we call on the Lord for help. It's a good thing He is faithful to answer our cries for help, even though we may have not been faithful to Him in our Christian walk. I could empathize with this character.
Your writing is quite engaging ... but I want to keep reading. What happens to her? What was in the package? What did her client do? I know that's all irrelevant to the message of your story ... but I want to know the rest. :)

Very good writing.
I was very intrigued with this piece. I would like to have read more in this but even with the word cap it was still wonderful. Good job.
I liked the MC's strong personality, as well as the timeliness of this piece. Great job!!
OK. What I didn't like about your entry was that it read too much like a novel and I wanted to read more! It was almost like a movie trailer...bits and pieces of the story revealed. 750 words isn't nearly enough for this. I'd love for you to develop it into a longer version. Good stuff!
I also found myself wishing you had more than 750 words to tell this story. I would have loved to have read more!
Intriguing. Like others have said, I wanted to read more.
This was very well written.
What I particularly loved about this was the verses from hymns--this may be heretical, but there have been many hymns that have moved me as much as Scripture does. Your portagonist, it appears, felt the same way. Wonderful!
Great writing and thanks for the hyms now in my head--I can sleep peacefully! Keep up the great writing, this really held my interest because I was curious about what was happening. Be Blessed!
Frightening situation. God is always there for us. True, he doesn't pass us by.