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This is an awesome story. We don't like to think of those who commit atrocities to children as deserving of God's love, but we are all made in His image. Your message is clear.
This was so well written, and absolutely gave me chills, and also conviction. We sit in judgement of sin as if ours is not as evil as other's. God sees differently, through the blood of His Son. We need to be reminded from time to time of that... good writing!
This was extremely vivid and evocative. You pulled me (kicking and screaming, I might add!) into this man's head and gave me a true picture of what could be going on in his mind. I don't know what else to say besides wow. Your ending is perfect.
It's difficult to pray for a person who had committed such a crime, but the older Christian woman set an example of how we should view any person who has sinned: a soul that God wants to reach. You did an excellent job getting your point across in your story.
Wow! You nailed the topic with this one, and managed to end on a positive note, as well. Excellent story.
For me the most breathtaking sentence was "Somewhere inside you is an image of God". How many times do we forget this, even with the most wicked of mankind.
Wow -- this is chilling, with a powerful message. Very good writing. Gripping from the first sentence.
This is indeed chilling. I live in THE city were the most executions in the US are carried out. I've seen the protestors gathered on our streets--from both sides. It makes you think! You did an excellent job getting into the mind of the man about to be executed. Great writing!
Conrats on your win. This is a gripping, gut-wrenching entry. I was completely sucked in from the very beginning. Excellent work! Blessings, Teri
Immensely gripping, down to every detail--even revealing a glimps of the sick love in the perpetrator's mind. The redemption principle magnified--tremendous work, with a well-deserved win!
Congratulations on your EC -- very much deserved. Excellent writing.
Just read this and wanted to tell you the writing is incredible, and the whole story stirred me. To be able to pull this off takes a master writer. Thanks for the entry.