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I once found a snake in my kitchen sink in Colombia. After chasing it down to the floor, I chopped it up with a machete. Then I took it to my neighbour in the hopes of finding out what kind of snake it was. Turns out it was poisonous. It would have been a good idea for me to have been afraid before I decided to play Tarzan! All that to say, I understand your fear, especially when it has to do with a child. One thing you didn't mention was your reaction when she said the snake had struck at her I'm assuming it didn't actually bite her. Good work.
I'd be "fearful" too. You told this story really well.
Excellent storytelling. I probably would have totally freaked out :)
I felt every word--EXCELLENT
Ick! I'm glad I live where very few venomous snakes reside. I hate snakes, and especially venomous ones, but the biologist in me would have probably kept my distance for a while hoping this would give the snake time to "go away". But, if he didn't, I guess I would have had to do the deed with a gun, too! This story epitomizes the word "fear" to my way of thinking. *Shudder.* Well told!
OH MY!!! This actually happened to me a few weeks ago with my dogs barking at a HUGE water mocassin in my back yard. REALLY SCARY TO THINK of kids finding the snakes.. do you livein Texas? If so, neighbor...thanks for the relateable event!
Well told. And, I am glad to read that everyone came out of this safely.
I am absolutely terrified of all snakes -- even the little garden ones. This story gave me goosebumps that won't go away. Your writing made it very easy to be in the middle of the scene -- unfortunately for me. :(

This is very good writing -- and you (or someone else?) are one very brave woman.
I loved your story. I live in Texas where we find snakes, scorpions, opossums, racoons, deer, turtles and rabbits in our yard! My dogs and cats have been bit by snakes, but they were fine. I try to get my kids to wear rubber boats when they play outside in the woods, but they like to be barefoot. Your story reminded me to be more careful. Great job. I felt your fear!
"Its a very good thing I had just emptied my bladder." I know I definitely would have wet myself seeing that! This makes me glad I live in the North, lol ^_^

Great writing!
Miss Brenda would have never fired the first shot, although she would have looked like she had been shot out of a cannon on her way to the next county.

What a scary ordeal. Good story and good writing.
Way to be brave!!! I really enjoyed reading this. Good luck.
OK, I have chills. I'm with Dara...glad to live in the north. You wrote a gripping reenactment with just a dose of humor to ease the tension. Great work.
Betty, I can't believe I didn't comment on this already!

I love this story, you are a true warrior mommy! Well done!
Oh no oh no oh noooooooooo...I can't imagine anything more terrifying...not more terrifying than the snake, but the what if... Great story!
Hehe. Like you, I would've emptied the box of shells, too. Especially since it had threatened a child! Makes me shake just thinking about it!!
ps-Great writitng!! :-) Hugs!!
Wow! What great admiration I have for you. And what a miracle that your little girl was spared, considering the snake struck at her. Great story!
Bravo. I lived the story with you... well done and well told.
OMIGOSH, OMIGOSH! I'm shaking like a leaf just reading this! "What if?" indeed. Praise God for His protecting and ministering angels. That precious child would have been such an easy target. Thank God for her quick response to run and run fast. I cannot wait until I get to heaven to ask God, "What did you have in mind when you created mosquitos and snakes?" (oh, and appendix, too!)

Great story and well told. (Shiver, shiver.)