The Official Writing Challenge
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A glorious opportunity to brake all the rools. Love it.
Love it, love it, love it! Mrs. Malaprop has got nothing on you!
So funny and clever! Still laughing!
Clever piece, although kind of scary at some of the sad truth behind it. After having said that, where is spell check? Would hate to coment about the sad trooth and get caught with a tie poe!
Betting this was a BLAST to write. I know it was for me to read. :) Fun fun fun!
Your on to something hear! It would be so fun. And a laugh to, to write this kind of story. Being happy that my grammer errors are not on display. This is grate!
While reading, my mind said "What in the world...?" It took me a while to "get it". What fun writing this must have been.
An absolutely delightful entry! Unfortunately, I've graded too many papers with just such mangled use of language, and it wasn't done purposefully.
So funny and a college student at that