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I knew someone would write something about Babel. It must have been quite the scene, but God will be obeyed, no matter what. Good work.
Oh this was AWESOME--I will never think about the tower of Babel without thinking about UZ
Your title and story captured my interest. Excellent job of telling a classic story.
I think what makes this story really good is that you truly showed us how confusing it must have been at Babel. I can feel the frustration, and I never thought about that before. Very well done.
You did a great job with this familiar story. I so enjoyed it. I don't think there's a better story to portray confusion. If you had enough words I would have loved to see Ur find at least one person who spoke his language. It would have been fun to hear their conversation. It could have even been someone he didn't like or an x-girlfriend. Ha ha. But of course, there aren't enough words. This was wonderful!
A different take on confused. A good job retelling how it might have been at Babel.
I especially love the title! Great writing, deserving of a place!
I loved how you demonstrate the confusion in this piece. I have to admit I was confused for a bit until I realized what the story was. Great job.
So unique! It never occurred to me that a story of the Tower of Babal would be perfect for this topic, but of course, it is. Once I realized where the story was going, I knew it was a perfect match for Confused. Never thought about how God managed to change it all, but, in an instant, seems like His way!
Now this is real confusion. You brought out the feelings that must have been present in this situation with real clarity.
Now why didn't I think of that? Babel = confusion, of course.
In the past, all I thought of was the just judgement of God on their foolish and pathetic efforts to become divine, independent of Him. You've added an element of compassion for them, in spite of their foolishness. I felt sorry for the wife especially.
I wonder if it could have been arranged that his wife and immediate family spoke the same lingo, but could understand no-one else?
Love it! I am also one who never considered Babel - but what a perfect idea for "confused." Excellent writing - you made the scene (and that particular Bible story) come alive for me. Well done!
How creative! Love it we all wonder why that didn't occur to us! Signs of a masters piece! Love it and hope it places! Deserves to...:)
I love that you used the story of the Tower of Babel. Your title is perfect. I enjoyed "trying" to figure out what each of the languages were. :) Nice writing!
Perfect entry for topic. Though I knew how it must end, I was engrossed in the story from the beginning. Excellent writing.
You have written an absolutely wonderful interpretation of this familiar Bible story! You made the characters really live in this! So believable! Great job!
I love it when Bible stories are brought to life. You did a great job with this one. Loved it!
Oh, very clever Joanne. What an interesting way to tell this story. I thought for a minute you became confused when writing it, should have known better. : )
Great article, A+.
Masterfully done! Well written and very creative! Great job.
:-) I've known that story for almost as many years I've been on earth, but I've never stopped to think about it. Great job! :-) Hugs!
Wouldn't that be terrifying? Not being able to even understand one's spouse? I think someone (you?) should write a novel about that--"After Babel." This is really great.
This is tereffic and shows that God's purpose can even be found in confusion.
You certainly picked a confusing time that we can all relate to! I liked the realistic touch and feel to this old story. Especially when poor Uz is trying to talk to Sera. Good job here. The atmosphere, everything. Neat. ^_^
Very good story. Congratualations on your EC!
Congratulations, my friend. Have you noticed?? You just keep getting better and better!
I've always wondered what that day must have been like! Thanks for taking me there!
Congratulations on your EC -- this is really clever, and very well written.
Your creativity in this article inspires me in the art of writing, stirring something inside as much as any painting or photograph. Great job. Congratulations!
Congrats my friend! Love this story, and how perfect for Confused. Hubby agrees. :) Wonderful writing, as always.
Love, Cat
This may be a record for the most comments I have ever seen on an entry. Rightly so, this is brilliant