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Good conflict, and good conflict resolution. Well done.
Encouraging to those who deal with a similar situation, I'm sure. You told it well.
I really like the POV of this story - gave me a different perspective on a very difficult issue. Great characterizations, especially of Desiree.
My sister and I have some conversations very similar to the ones in your story. It's difficult to know your parent doesn't know you anymore, but keeping a sense of humor DOES help. Your story has a realistic appeal and voice.
Congratulations for having the guts to write about such a painful topic with wry humor! And you had just the right touch of several other emotions: sweetness, anger, love...awesome acheivement in such a short piece.
I like the tone you used in conveying the various emotions the sisters experience. Great job wiht a serious subject.
You have three interesting characters,introduced through realistic dialog. Good job!
I loved seeing the MC's honest feelings. Sibling rivalry never ends. This is so easy to read and fun, even though it's a painful topic. Great job as usual.
Your story touched my heart. I love the way you describe the feelings of the MC. Well done!
Well done. Felt your heart in this one! Keep writing, this is good stuff!
I think that any parent, suffering with this disease, would also wear a wry smile, knowing that even in their present condition, they are bringing a bit of joy into thier children's lives. I think this is so, becuase I also believe that this affliction, like any other is only temporary...
I absolutely love the voice here!! You caught my attention and I couldn't wait to read on. This is Great!! Hugs!