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You sound like me especially the elevator thing! Hilarious. Also sad, but so true. Good work.
Oh, this is a great read. I enjoyed the converational tone. Fun.
A lot of truth here. Especially the ending.
What a great, delightful read! So much truth here - and I loved the end!
THIS was POWERFUL! I love it when the truth is presented in such a humble, humorous, and simple way and yet with such depth, profundity, and relatedness. I related to each and every thought, except it is not elevators where I freeze. I freeze at escalators. Fear of my foot lodging somehow in the movement, and causing a painful and embarrassing scene. Great last two paragraphs... and kept me interested.. BRAVO!!!!!!!!! a winner for me... gonna save this one...
You set the pace for a humorous look at life and you kept it up all the way through! The points you make are so obviously confusing, it's no wonder Americans don't know which end is up anymore. I like the direction you steered us in at the end, also.
Your ending, after all the ironic humor, is fabulous!
I'm with you every step of the way! May I join you in the State of Confusion? Maybe we can have a party.

I thought this was fantasmic!