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You've done a great job of entering the mind of your subject. It's a scary, sad place. Well done.
Such a sad, but true in many cases I'm sure, story. This was well told.
Powerfully told. Scary, sad, confusing. My mom died a few years ago with alzheimers. And it was horrible seeing her fade away ... the long goodbye. This captured it. Brought back the memories. We need to be praying for those who suffer as well as the caretakers who have endless and thankless jobs. There will be a reward coming, but what a mission field.
So skillfully written! Yes, you've certainly been able to enter the mind of an Alzheimer's sufferer and place your reader right there. This is powerful and painfully accurate. Excellent.
This is amazingly well-told. You made my heart ache for this woman. It felt completely and entirely authentic. Wow.
My Dad has Alzheimer's right now, and I can tell from the expressions on his face that he is having some of these same thoughts. This is so good, and helps me understand what he may be facing every day. Great characterization with the MC. I feel I'm watching a real person go through these events.
"Shadows crept in through the window and streaked the walls prison gray." This was such gret imagery for the darkness that imprisoned her mind. Great writing!
This wonderfully written article pulled me into the sad, hopeless world of your mc. Wonderful details.
I could feel the womans confusion. Very nicely done.
Very good. Portrayed confusion perfectly.
Perfect title, and beautifully written story, just so, so sad.
Wonderful story that is definietly sad and painfully true. Well done.
Your descriptive writing really made me sad. Sad for the person and sad for their family. You did great work showing what it is like for your MC. I'm glad there's more to our existence than this life.
Excellent storyline, and consistent characterization. Almost everyone of us can very easily identify with the confused lady in this story, and consequently,canvgenerously empathize with her. Please, keep it up.
Oh...wonderfully depicted! You've done such an excellent job with this. Reminded me of my mother-in-law, who is in the early stages of dementia - she is always having trouble remembering if and when she took her pills and always thinks she's getting the wrong ones. It's not easy to deal with, that's for sure. You brought me right into this woman's mind. Very well done!
You got the reader right inside the head of the MC. This was griping. Wow! Very powerful and excellent writing.
Sad, pull you in story here! You wonderfully wrote the needs and pains of this dear woman. How sad the way the mind can go. Great writing.
Oh, my heart aches! So well done!! Hugs!
Wow. So sad. This pulls you in right from the start, with a hint of mystery in the air. It ends on a note that leaves your heart aching. Good job!
Although this is a difficult topic to write about, it is good that there are writers such as yourself that can build empathy towards those that suffer with this dibilitating disease. Such insights help us to understand and finally learn how to cope as well as how to help.