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Classic "Do unto others …" An timely reminder and well done. Only two weeks in town, before they asked you to be on city council — wow!
First, I smiled as I read the details concerning the appointment to city council. It reminded me of an old Newhart episode from TV many years ago! I never realized that this actually happened in real life! (If your story is true, that is.)
Second, I melted like butter at the description of Don, and the way the MC responded to his illness. My Dad has Alzheimer's and he wants to be included still in life. I appreciate people like the MC who can see the way people used to be, and the value their lives still hold.
Very good, encouraging piece. Should help us all to have second thoughts about how we handle delicate situations.
There's no confusion about the quality here...this story is wonderful! Such a treasure presented in just the right gentle tone and voice.
What a lovely tribute! You did a wonderful job with description and characterization. This touched my heart.
This story leaves the reader with such a warm feeling and a reminder of our responsiblity to encourage others, no matter how limited they are. Thank you for sharing this.
Stellar re-telling of a wonderful act of kindness. Nicely done, G.
I'm glad you showed compassion to Don. This is a great story AND a good lesson. I like your closing. (there but for the grace of God...)
Your story touched my heart deeply. It shows a wonderful message of doing right by others. Great writing!
Very well written story. A great show of compassion to others! Great writing!
This is a very touching story. Is it true? I loved this.
I love the voice used in this piece--very conversational. The truth is timely and the story packs a punch. Well done!
How blessed you were to be such a vessel of grace. Thank you so much for sharing this.
This is a great story. I really liked your opening line "no place you've ever heard of." Good job. Sweet ending.
Beautiful story. You captured a wonderful character and spirit in your writing. Excellent message. Good job.