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What a creative story! You had me convinced till the very end that her husband would be arrested for anger. Great job with description. I wouldn't mind having a lemon scented pillow case myself.
Considering the alternatives, jail might not be a bad place to be! Your ending fooled me too! Good job.
This is great. I loved the details and descriptions.

My favorite paragraph:
"The eager young man who had begged her to marry him had aged into a nasty slob who treated his loyal wife like his personal slave. In the name of peace, she had swallowed enough anger over the years to choke a 400-pound gorilla."

So far this is my favorite.

Anger police. Who couldn't use them from time to time? This is so creative. I love the scene you set. I could see the couple; the slovenly man, and even the house in my mind. Well done.
I love your vivid descriptions. You place your reader in the scene. Excellent writing.
Oh, bravo! Love the double meaning of the title, the fact that this doesn't ever go where you expect it to, the perfect characterization. One of my favorites so far.
Very creative idea. The ending had such an unfair but true outcome, but her escape is satisfying. Great article.
Love the double meaning of your title, love the twist, and LOVE the characterization. A GREAT read!
Wow - This was extremely well written. The story intrigued me from the first sentence. Masterfully done.
Congratulations on making EC! This entry deserved it. It was great!
Well written and very deserving of an EC. Congratulations!
This woman could be the perfect heroine of a George MacDonald novel. Excellent, excellent characterization!
I should have added the explanation that though the setting of your story is more contemporary than MacDondald's era, your MC possessed a similar unblemished, self-sacrificial character.

Congratulations Linda on your EC placing!
What a great twist at the end. I was sure she was going to turn her husband in to the Anger Police... I need them myself sometimes!