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The imagery of your story brings your MC and her surroundings to life. It was constructed excellently with a clear message.
Excellent writing. I love the title, the message, everything. Great job.
"The water hissed and spat as she poured it from the kettle over the tea bag."
Great descriptive line.

This is a well written slice of life story. Kudos.
Thought I"d check out the 'works of Master's'! What a privilidge! From your title to your sweet conclusion, this has been a great read. You showed us very clearly an angry heart, but you gave us a reason and you offered the perfect cure. Thank you
This is good! Especially in the first half or so, your choice of verbs could be a lesson on setting the mood of a story. Even the inanimate objects reflect your protagonist's anger! What wordsmithing! And the bitterness of the cinnamon reflicting the woman's bitterness...well, there's just so much of that sort of thing here.

Love the gasp of hope at the end...
What a wonderful surprise in the drawer, and a great message. I really liked this story, good descriptive writing.
This is one of favorite this week. Your descriptions are exceptional. I can see why your writing is in Masters!
It's a perfect depiction of anger at God. The whole "feel" of the story is as if the reader is there witnessing it first-hand. Wonderful description, draws the reader in. The flicker of hope at the end, wraps up the story so well. Excellent writing.
You did an amazing job of "showing" the anger throughout this piece. This was so effective in its presentation. Wonderful.
Congratulations on your EC! I'm glad I got the chance to read this because it's wonderful!
Congrats! I loved this read and character...the end felt strange in my read, but maybe it was because I was so engaged early on. Great writing.
Sandy, this is so very rich. It reminds me of the sense of futility in Ecclesiastes, like "what's it all about, anyway!" You've done a super job illustrating anger as the frosting on a cake of grief, abandonment, despair, and then the ending with a ray of hope breaking through the clouds on a piece of goldenrod paper! Love it! I'm so happy this is one for the book!