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The descriptions in this historical piece were outstanding.
Wonderful storytelling and a marvelous trip back into history. Kudos.
This is sad. I could barely take my eyes off the screen, I was so engrossed. You did a wonderful job with this.
This is so moving. You caught me off guard when I realized she was dressing for HER execution. Great writing. Wow!
I got chills during the execution; your prose made it so easy to place myself at the scene. I'm glad you didn't shy away from the details. Excellently done!
This is so captivating, and it's so interesting to learn that it's true. I'm glad that you included the author's note at the end.
I was absorbed in this story from beginning to end. I love history, and your entry totally captivated me. I like the author's note at the end, too.
Just fascinating and excellent. Your description is wonderful, and I especially appreciate the author's note.
One motionless crimson garment.

Lines such as that made this piece priceless. I'm a history buff, especially on Mary and Elizabeth, but didn't know the story about the dog. Yes, it was on topic and I loved how you were subtle with the topic and cleverly inserted the word "angry" into the description of the axe blows.

One minor suggestioon and it just may be me, but I was a bit confused with the line when she chose her own gown and dressed in silence. I had to read again because I thought you meant the dog at first. Maybe you could say Mary chose her own gown ...

Wonderful writing and I enjoyed the read so much.
Great story telling and as always something to learn in an entertaining way.
Wonerfully written. I wonder if I am a decendant of hers? I was adopted and after locating my birth mom she said we used to be royality but somehow were dethroaned. Wow if it was standing up for religion then Whoo-hoo! Great story. It flowed well and kept me captivated and very interested. Poor Foi! Keep writing for His will!
That's how to transpose the topic onto a secondary character - make it a mob! Nicely done. Great read. Congrats.
Congratulations on your EC. This is riveting -- and your writing made it so real, so chilling. Great job.
So sad and stirring. The hint of anger is there in Foi. The descriptions were excellent and the last note with her kissing the rosary-that made it so real. Good job-congrats on your win! ^_^