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This is a powerful poem of analogy. The stallion so vividly portrays The anger of a person't heart. The change of direction for the MC is beautifully expressed.
A stirring analogy here. Our anger and hurt, our desire for vengeance appears as a magnificent stallion, a noble thing, so we let it run away with us, until we wake up to where it's heading. Powerful!
Inappropriate anger has often been glorified and romanticized in media. Little has been said about the heartbreaking damage it can do. You did that here. Well done.
This is wonderful. I love the creative interpretation of the topic. Love the imagery of the stallion. The flow is smooth, and the words are so meaningful. Well done.
simply breath-taking
A stunning achievement!
The imagery is amazingly wonderful and stark. Excellent.
You've clearly illustrated who anger runs away with us if we get on and ride. Love the horse analogy - so fitting.
Once again such delight to read such incredible talent.

Bravo dear friend!
Oh, my! I can hear this being read aloud in class or somewhere by an actor with a deep voice, his voice rising and falling, and people sitting on the edges of their seats! It's so wonderfully descriptive and your meter is flawless. This is a treasure and I hope you give it a special place in your book! (You are writing one, aren't you??) You'd better. When I grow up, I wanna write JUST. LIKE. YOU.

The fact that I've passed my 70th b.d. has absolutely nothing whatever to do with anything. LOL
This shows so well how quickly things can change in our lives simply because we choose not to let go of our anger. I liked the way the ending brought us back to peace and hope.
What a vivid image of where a ride on the Anger horse can take us! I think this might have been written for me, because I've felt such frustration with someone in my family and every time I think of what to do, I hear God's voice say, "Vengeance is Mine." Until today, I was thinking He meant He would set things to rights and punish the person for the wrong-doing. Now, I think He means, "Let it go! It's not your fight and it's not your business to worry about how I deal with another." So, thanks for being the writer God used to FINALLY get me to see things His way!
Wow! I liked the decriptiveness of this piece. Well done and very engrossing!
What an original idea for the topic. And great imagery.
I'm with Mariane. I wish I'd written this poem, destined to be a CLASSIC, in my estimation. Since I started reading at the bottom of the EC list, I can only imagine what is ahead in the ranking, but this is unsurpassed writing IMHO. Into my favorites you go.
I was AWOL this week so didn't get many anger entries read. Your poetry is PURE poetry! It's absolutely stunning, each thought, word choice, metaphor, meter, EVERYTHING. Amazing! I love this stanza "The pot of perdition now boiled in my gut,
stoked well by the blaze of the vengeance I sought.
No matter the price! I hissed in the wind,
Ill bring down that villain who called me his friend! "

This rates right up with "Devil's Stew" and that was a favorite of mine.

Thanks for your comment on my confidence are very kind...AND you made my day! :)

Linda, I just read this and sat here totally in awe of the depth of this piece. If only we could all remember what happens when we do not forgive...and what it does to our spirit. WOW! I don't know what else to say except what a gift God has given you. It's blessing me today!
This poem placed 7th in the Editor's Choice list.