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You have created an awesome description of Satan's fall, as well as a glorious promise of his everlasting defeat.
The descriptions are so, SO vivid. This is poetic in its language. Excellent.
Truly amazed at your ability to weave words together so seamlessly--that is a great talent you have been blessed with! Remarkable imagery, and a story of the ages...truly timeless and spectacular ^_^
I am sitting here without a clue what to write. My mere words cannot do this beautiful piece justice. 'Nuff said.
This is so beautifully written. Every word is a pebble that adds up to an avalanche of beautiful prose. This is a wonderful description and the ending is reminder of God's wonderful promise.
I can see why you are at the Master's level! This is both a beautiful and terrible piece;to see a 'great one' in his fall, and imagine the hosts of heaven
dressed for battle. How well you told the story.
Beautifully written.
I like the hush-edness of the first 6 paragraphs, contrasted with the loud victory in the final one. Very effective!
This is beautifully written. You have me thinking about something I haven't spent a lot of time thinking about. Thank you for this.
Beautifully written with just the right flow. I love the command you have with words.
I love the way this story flowed. You did an awesome job!
The fall as seen through the eyes of a writer...what a wonderful, provoking read!
Oh, love the ending! I like the image of Satan whispering through Heaven of his calculated plan, trying to win over the others to his cause. His vanity obscures the defeat he is sure to discover from his Creator.
Great writing and I loved the title. Very descriptive writing.
What a unique and powerful POV. This is wonderful writing. Good job!
Beautifully written with a beautiful flow. love it! Hugs!!
This is so beautiful Mid. What an awesome contrast and a wonderful array of colors painted through your choice of words. I could really feel the presence of the Lord through this one hon. WOW! Nicely done.Hugs.
good theology, kept sound while creative use of lit. tech. MC is devil, and he displays pride, vanity, and jealousy - the anger in the story appears to be God's. So much to take in...fantastic job.
Gave me goosebumps reading this one. Excellent job, seeing things from a new POV and very vivid descriptions and feelings captured in the angels thrown out. ^_^